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Stadium: Letters are 'no use'

Much has been made by CST and DCC pro stadium councillors of the letters of support (in principle) received from various organisations. CST made the approaches, with the result most if not all letters arrived in January.

They were published in the report to Council on February 9, 2009. Link

Make up your own minds whether they carry something substantive to the proposed stadium’s operational viability.

PricewaterhouseCoopers at page 7 of their report dated 30 January 2009 (see above link) said:

“Although the underlying assumptions for rugby related cash flows are now more conservative (a reduction in total rugby event revenue of on average $276,000 per annum), we reinforce the caveats noted in our December 2007 report and in [Horwath HTL’s] December 2008 Report that there is uncertainty about the structure of NZRU and SANZAR competitions after 2010. Consequently, there is uncertainty about the number and quality of games that will be played in Dunedin.”

We all know the proposed stadium is ascendant on the theory that three 2011 RWC pool games to be played at Dunedin make a new stadium mandatory…

[ignore the fact the games have been assigned to Carisbrook]

We find ourselves building a very expensive shed for just three games and as a sop to future rugby.

Is the ‘national game’ worth this sort of investment. Only complete fools would think so. And yet we have these sorts of people on the Dunedin City Council and the Carisbrook Stadium Trust.

They are people we cannot afford to support, and should not support for our community well-being. We have some fruitful months ahead to debate this.

The wolf is already at the stadium’s door.


Local businessman Michael Stedman in a letter to the editor (ODT, 20.4.09) said:

“Cr Bill Acklin’s response (ODT, 8.4.09) to Mark Laughton’s article (ODT, 7.4.09) is long on rhetoric and nostalgia but, like so many before him, short on fact and detail.


This is a fair ask.

Cr Acklin responded (abridged by ODT):

“Your correspondent can find information on proposed users of the stadium on the city council website, under ‘Council meeting of February 9, 2009, under reports, attachment 2, part 2’.


How absolutely futile to educate Cr Acklin on the fact that Dunedin is a well established, mapped and revered New Zealand city, today and into the future.

This attractive liveable city district is made special by the people who reside here, including those who strongly work their connections regionally, nationally and internationally.

Fear, it is the Dunedin City Council who makes us small – or dying – since according to pro councillors without a “wow” “fantastic” stadium there is no future in town.

The plastic lunch box exercise – call it what you will – is nothing short of a disingenuous, relentless undermining of business ethics, transparency and public accountability.

Watch the bad apples.


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Stop The Stadium on war path

### Channel 9 Online April 21, 2009 – 7:07pm
Stadium Another Step Closer
Forsyth Barr Stadium at University Plaza may be another step closer with the council’s 10 to 4 vote yesterday but whether it proceeds or not rests with the High Court in Christchurch. The council says it will seek costs if its defence is successful, while lawyers for Stop The Stadium say if they lose, it won’t stop them.

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Mayor Chin: "I think the decision is the right decision."

That’s a YES and a big red fatuous tick from your local newspaper…

### ODT Online Tue, 21 Apr 2009
DCC votes ‘Yes’ on stadium
By Chris Morris and David Loughrey
A judge will decide the immediate fate of the $198 million Otago stadium within days, after Dunedin councillors yesterday voted to sign a construction contract despite the threat of a High Court injunction.
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### ODT Online Tue, 21 Apr 2009
Government grant for stadium confirmed
By David Loughrey
A government contribution of $15 million for Dunedin’s planned stadium firmed from an “underwrite” to a “grant” yesterday. Once the Government was informed of the council’s decision on the stadium, officials from the Ministry of Economic Development would work with the mayor on arrangements for the grant.
Read more

What the Councillors said… ODT Link

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In the immortal words of Luke Skywalker

“Almost There”, and to paraphrase Han Solo, once the final shot had been fired against the evil dark side (played rather admirably by the StS),

“Let’s build this thing and get on with it”.


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