UPDATED Contract approval, pending…

…outcome of interim injunction.

According to ONE News.
STS application for injunction to go to High Court at Christchurch this Thursday.
Farry saying bulldozers poised…well, he would.
Full coverage of today’s meetings in ODT tomorrow.


### Radio New Zealand News Updated at 5:48pm on 20 April 2009
Council approves stadium contract pending hearing
The Dunedin City Council has approved a construction contract for a new enclosed stadium, pending the outcome of a court hearing on Thursday.
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### ONE News Published: 2:24PM Monday April 20, 2009
Source: Newstalk ZB
Dunedin council to fight for stadium
The Dunedin City Council will fight a group seeking a High Court injunction against the planned stadium.
Read more


### TVNZ News Updated 18:48 Monday April 20, 2009
Source: ONE News/Newstalk ZB
Council votes to sign stadium contract
The Dunedin City Council has voted to sign a contract to build the controversial stadium, but there is still a hurdle to jump.
Read more + Video


### Channel 9 News Apr 20, 2009 – 7:16pm
Eleventh Hour Attempt To Stall The New Stadium
The debate over the proposed Otago Stadium has reached a new level.

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7 responses to “UPDATED Contract approval, pending…

  1. Peter

    Radio NZ is reporting approval to sign contract pending outcome on Thursday.

  2. Elizabeth

    Thanks Peter!

  3. Elizabeth

    A good colleague sent me this link, says it all – can be applied widely to behaviour…or today’s!!!

    New York Times: The Green Issue April 16, 2009
    Jon Gertner – Why Isn’t the Brain Green?

    Another non stadium supporter pal is debriefing tonight “with Spooks and some merlot cabernet on special – oh plus some lumps of venison from the market”.

    Personally, I’m glad no pro councillor or mr farry is within my aiming distance right now. How do you debrief that. Was thinking trench warfare, since nukes so expensive…and hey, we think we’re green anyway! The stadium is sustainable, yeah right.

  4. KGB

    In 2006-2007 when Mr Farry was getting excited about his new stadium vision,he announced a promise from a prominent Dunedin businessman of a $1 million donation towards his $188 million dream.
    What happened to that promise?
    Why along the way did the ratepayers of Dunedin have to foot the bill for his dream?
    Where did the other 187 wealthy Dunedin businessmen disappear to?

  5. KGB

    The Govt is contributing $15 million.
    How many deaths would that sum of money have prevented if it had been put into the health sector?

  6. Elizabeth

    People’s impressions (supplied and lightly edited) from public session of council meeting…

    It does all depend on what the court decides. It meets in Christchurch at midday Thursday and the resolution’s condition requires a decision in favour of the council known to council by 5.00pm next Monday.

    Council’s lawyers are confident they can get a favourable decision although it seems it was they who wanted to hire a special Queen’s Counsel. There won’t be time for that so they’ll be depending on Anderson Lloyd’s in-house people.

    How will it actually go? Who knows. It’ll be interesting.

    Anti’s were clearly a bit tired and dispirited towards the end but pros were in greater disarray. Richard Walls went way over time, we couldn’t work out what he was intending; Peter Chin once again slept through the buzzer.

    Many pros today acknowledged majority opinion is against the project.

    Neil Collins speaking of people’s weariness with the whole debate and wanting council to either drop it or do it was clearly speaking for himself.

    Athol Stephens was haggard; Jim Harland’s hair was in a mess again.

    Bezett hardly spoke. Hudson went on about how many people are unhappy with the project and the need for mending community trust.

    This was meant to be the day they got there.
    Instead it was another conditional resolution.

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