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The stadium contract, ODT

Updated post.

### ODT Apr 18, 2009 (page 3, print and digital editions)
Summary: Main provisions of the contract

Project Manager:
Arrow International projects director Lale Ieremia, working with project delivery team.

Contractor’s representative:
Hawkins Construction representative.

HOK, Sport and Event and Venue Pty Ltd and Jasmax Ltd.

Quantity surveyor:

Project control group:
Representatives from Hawkins Construction, the Carisbrook Stadium Trust, Mr Ieremia, HOK and Jasmax, Rawlinsons.

The contractor is required to construct and complete the new Otago stadium for no more than the guaranteed maximum price (GMP) by August 1, 2009. The contract provides for permitted adjustments to the completion date: eg any scope amendments directed by the project manager.



### ODT Online Sat, 18 Apr 2009
D-Day looms for Dunedin stadium contract
Dunedin City councillors will decide on Monday whether to vote on signing a construction contract for the city’s new stadium after opponents filed an injunction.
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ODT editorial air…


### ODT Online Sat, 18 Apr 2009
Editorial: Sharing the risk

A fully roofed large public stadium, able to cater for a range of entertainment and sporting events, has been so long a desirable entity for Dunedin that the case for one is unarguable.
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There’s a flaw in today’s editorial namely that opponents of the stadium point out that candidates opposed to the stadium WERE elected to the council at the last election: Stevenson and Butcher overtly, Cull, Wilson and Staynes questioning, while nearly all of the others elected – including Peter Chin – recorded no decided opinion.

The election gave a mandate only to those against, not for.

Also, the university will NOT use the stadium, only its own adjacent buildings.

The editorial does show that some of these facts we’ve had to push to re-assert HAVE been taken on board. It’s worth persevering with the good
work of reminding people of such things.

One could also take issue with the editorial’s claims about multi-functionality.

Ohhh yes…


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Like a hole in the head, mate


### ODT Online Sat, 18 Apr 2009
Opinion: Stadium is vital for Dunedin, in every way
By Cliff Skeggs
With a decision to build the Awatea St stadium, Dunedin has an opportunity to take the city forward. We only fail ourselves if we do not seize the opportunity, argues Sir Clifford Skeggs.
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ODT credits Sir Clifford Skeggs as a former Dunedin mayor.
Cough. How could so many good folk of Dunedin be so wrong, Cliffie. Your hopes for Monday’s meeting at Council seem dashed. Our sympathy and condolences, don’t stress.


Rebuttal supplied:

“Dear old Clifford Skeggs’ article…
His whopper is talking about the public library as though he supported it. When first elected Mayor he opposed it. Every other councillor had committed themselves, so of course he had to fall into line. He got its costs marginally reduced. But he was part of the “minority group” which opposed it.”

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Xmas, for a little while

### ODT Online Sat, 18 Apr 2009
Injunction threat hits stadium
By Allison Rudd and Elspeth McLean

In an 11th-hour bid to derail Otago stadium construction plans, the Stop the Stadium group late yesterday sought a High Court injunction barring the Dunedin City Council from next week signing a construction contract.
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### ODT Online Sat, 18 Apr 2009
Stadium meeting may be last play in grim contest
By David Loughrey

The scheduled meeting of the Dunedin City Council on Monday – thrown into disarray last night by Stop the Stadium’s application for a High Court injunction – could still yet be the final play of five years of angry debate, allegation, claim and counter-claim over the city’s proposed stadium.
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Copies of the papers seeking the injunction including the sworn affidavits were forwarded to What if? late last night.

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Highlanders trounced

### ODT Online Fri, 17 Apr 2009
Rugby: Blues too strong for Highlanders

Indiscipline and another sleepy start killed the Highlanders as they succumbed 26-6 to the Blues in a feisty Super 14 rugby match at Auckland tonight.
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### stuff.co.nz Last updated 23:59 17/04/2009
Rugby Heaven: Jimmy Cowan laments sending off
By Marc Hinton

Highlanders skipper Jimmy Cowan says he let his team-mates down with the 60th-minute red card that cost the southerners any chance of making a game of their Super 14 clash against the Blues at Eden Park on Friday night.
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20 April Extraordinary Meeting of Council: Agenda and Report

Agenda – Council – 20/04/2009 (PDF, 13.5 kb, new window)

Report – Council – 20/4/2009 (PDF, 472.5 kb, new window)
This report identifies progress made in meeting the terms and conditions the Council has set down for construction of the Awatea Street Stadium to be known as the Forsyth Barr Stadium at the University Plaza.

The recommendations in the Report are:

1 That this report is received.

2 That the GMP, including escalation, from Hawkins Construct Ltd of $130,414,595 be accepted noting that the total project cost, including professional fees and adjusted sums is $164,012,035 and that there is an unallocated construction contingency of $1,387,865 for a total construction project cost of $165,400,000.

3 That progress in meeting the Dunedin City Council’s resolution 7 passed at a meeting held on 9 February 2009 which committed the Council to the Awatea Street Stadium project on the following terms and conditions be noted:

7a) Confirmation of Otago Regional Council funding of not less than $37.5 million – This has been confirmed by the Otago Regional Council.

7b) Satisfactory conclusion to the planning process and approval of a Plan Change by the Courts – The appellants have withdrawn their appeals to the Environment Court and the Council has declared the Plan Change operative.

7c) i) The Rates and Funding Working Party continues to identify ways in which the ratepayers contributions to the capital cost of the stadium can be reduced by $20 million providing it comes from sources other than the Holding Company – This is not a requirement to be completed before the signing of the contract.

ii) Discussion and agreement with the ORC occurs on the sharing of any external funding which reduces ratepayer costs – Discussions are underway between the Council’s General Manager Finance and Corporate Support and the Otago Regional Council’s Director Corporate Services.

7d) That Council retains the funding line in the draft LTCCP for the project – The Council has retained the funding line in the draft LTCCP for the project which is consistent with last year when the substantive consultation took place with the community of Dunedin.

7e) That a funding source to meet the $15 million shortfall in private sector funding be confirmed – The Government has agreed to underwrite the $15 million shortfall in private sector funding and discussions are underway to confirm the detail of this arrangement. The Hon Murray McCully is meeting with the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, representatives from CST and officials on Wednesday 15 April 2009 to further progress this.

7f) That the DCC instructs the CST to continue to investigate ways be either:
i) savings on the GMP budget
ii) additional funding over and above the target of $45.5 million
iii) to address the $3 million shortfall of funding from the target of $10 million, from the Otago Community Trust.
The Carisbrook Stadium Trust and its project delivery team are aware of the need to investigate ways to find the $3 million shortfall in funding from the Community Trust of Otago which has been confirmed at $7 million rather than the targeted $10 million and also continuing to raise funding over and above the $45.5 million private sector target.

1 Hawkins Construction Ltd letter of 15 April 2009
2 Layman’s Guide to the Construction Contract from the City Solicitor

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