Stop The Stadium to Court

According to Channel 9 news tonight Stop the Stadium has lodged a claim for a High Court injunction…to ‘stop the stadium’.

### ODT Online Fri, 17 Apr 2009
Stadium fight going to High Court

Opponents of the proposed $200 million Dunedin stadium have taken the fight to the High Court.
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34 responses to “Stop The Stadium to Court

  1. Well I guess we should have seen this coming. I just hope one of them has the bollocks to stand in front of the judge claiming that it’s a terrorist target.

  2. Funny thing,

    I have been told authoritatively numerous times by members of the StS that we are a national disgrace and that the rest of the country is watching us.

    Sorry sunshine, a high court injunction on a $200m development hasn’t even rated a mention in any of the major news media organisations.

  3. Peter Entwisle

    Paul, you’re still merely reacting.

    Of course you should have seen this coming. How slow are you to discover?

    Never mind. Depending how this is done it has a certain value. We’ll see what it is.

    The larger issue is: is the stadium a good project for Dunedin?

    It’s still open for you to think about that.

    Peter Entwisle

  4. Peter

    From what I can see the ‘national disgrace’/laughing stock is the STS brigade; they remind me of the latest rather offensive Bonus Bonds television ad which portrays Dunedin as a city trapped in the 1960/70s a la Roger Hall and Glide Time/Gliding On. Oh well, good on STS for lodging with the High Court; it should at least lead to some resolution one way or the other for the stadium project.

  5. Elizabeth

    Paul said: “…a high court injunction on a $200m development hasn’t even rated a mention in any of the major news media organisations.”

    Paul – firstly, haven’t I been using the word injunction this week, why would I do that and why would I give games away to any DCC bods visiting What if? News only broke this evening since lodgement was today at court.

    Secondly, even if the injunction fails it’s a strong message; and the behind-the-scenes lobbying of councillors has been torrential (perhaps not to all, but some and for good reason)…bell is tolling, we is in deep fog. And we like it.

  6. Sorry Peter E, once again the nuances of the English Language are lost in the written text of the web, it was a rhetorical statement.

    Come on, if this was news that the rest of the country even gave a toss about (regardless of the hours which have passed), it would have registered in any of the media organisations in NZ. A quick google search reveals Channel 9 and the ODT only, the rest of the country just doesn’t care. However if this was ChCh and their stadium dev was being taken to court with a possible injunction being slapped on it, it would have even made it on the TV.

    I do agree with you though Peter E

    “The larger issue is: is the stadium a good project for Dunedin”

    I’ll put a loose reserved YES to that, but others won’t. God I wish this was the debate from day one and none of the other bollocks which has clouded the issue.

  7. Elizabeth

    gplusa has educated thoughts…

    ### ODT Online Fri, 17/04/2009 – 8:28pm.
    Comment by gplusa on Guaranteed maximum price

    I heard a rather disturbing tale which I’m hoping the Council or CST viewers of this page can dispell for me. That the Guaranteed Maximum Price ( GMP ) does not include for the Contractors Profit Margin, Direct Overheads, or Provisional Sums?

    Read more


    ### ODT Online Fri, 17/04/2009 – 6:43pm.
    Comment by gplusa on Project’s a winner ?

  8. Elizabeth

    On Friday evening (17 April) the StS president copied to Dunedin City councillors papers filed in the High Court that day. Notice of an injunction against the Dunedin City Council.

    In the matter of: an application for review
    Plaintiff: Stop The Stadium Inc
    Defendant: The Dunedin City Council

    Solicitor acting for Plaintiff: HJ Calvert, Dunedin
    Counsel for Plaintiff: LA Andersen, Barrister, Dunedin

    The statement of claim, associated documents and two sworn affidavits were contained in the papers.

  9. KGB

    The only one who is hateful is you Elizabeth because you were denied a ‘stage debut’
    That’s all your rantings have ever been about

  10. Once again more love from the StS to fellow Anti-Stadium folk. WTF is with you people, there is so much anger and hate, she is on your side, and somewhat taken over my Pro stadium site with intelligent and thorough posts.

    With friends like these… well you guys are making enemies left right and centre. Is there a metal detector at the door of StS meetings, are people frisked down for fear of the whole insane shit fight falling into a Agatha Christie like implosion of lust, lies and murder?

    Yet more xmas card love going out to fellow Anti-Stadium folk – purely insane.

  11. BTW that is the most god awful piece of art I have ever seen, and I have been to some of the most avant garde galleries with dried faeces applied as paint, but this tops it.

  12. Tell you what though, with selling out to Kiwi’s across the country, Simon and Garfunkel would have been perfect for the stadium. Big crowd but still indoors.

    But bless KGB, she’d be censored over at the art gallery formerly known as the StS web site, at least here she gets to spurt such fun out for the world to see.

  13. Elizabeth

    True re Simon and Garfunkel. Or Susan Boyle, actually.

    If I’m nicer to Bev will it help artist sales. I don’t think so.

  14. Elizabeth

    This is an extract from Jolyon Manning’s submission to the DCC’s Draft LTCCP:

    The proposed Dunedin Stadium with a normal seating tally of 18,000 would be equal to 31% of the city’s working population aged 25/64. This might be compared with Wellington with a similar attendance taking up only 9% of that population segment in the capital. For a peak attendance at a major (and quite rare) stadium event with maximum seating of 30,000 this would represent no less than 52% of the estimated working population compared with a much more modest 15% in the case of Wellington with its much publicised Westpac Stadium facility.

  15. Yeah but with all due respect again that is complete bollocks. The City’s ‘working’ population doesn’t start at 25 years old. It’s demographically moronic incorrect and once again more misuse of statistics to say you just don’t want a stadium.

    Then of course this misrepresents who actually goes to these games, with students making up one massive proportion of the embankment crowds, followed by school children and families, then your classic over 25 year old (seemingly lucky to be working) bloke.

    But it is much nice to have a 31% alarm figure, when in actual fact (considering children attend in their hundreds) a much less alarming figure of 15% of the normal residential population of Dunedin is required to reach that 18,000 figure,.

    But then again using this remarkable and quite laughable statistical analysis reveals that 52% of Dunedin’s working (remember you have to be over the age of 25 to work in Mr Mannering’s, whop’s sorry Mr Manning’s city) population is required to fill the stadium. {Screams a little of Dad’s Army shenanigans doesn’t it?}

    What exactly would fill a stadium – well a test match would fill a stadium. But surely people from all over the country and many many thousands from out of the immediate city attend big test matches – and if boys and girls you answer to this question is; “Yes Mr Blog Editor thousands of people come from out of town for big test matches“, you are instantly more intelligent that Mr Manning, because the answer is indeed YES. Test match attendance’s are swelled with out of town visitors, whom bought a total of $3,000,000 extra income to the city for the last major test match here (if I’m not mistaken).

    And this is what council officials have to read, OMG, they are either going to be pissing themselves with laughter (I hope they have a shame board with this rubbish pinned up to give the people a giggle through the day), or they are going to be tearing their hair out, thinking “God I wish I was under 25 and wasn’t in work”.

    What the hell is a supposedly intelligent person doing with this, well it’s very bloody simple, he doesn’t want the stadium, so instead of arguing the facts as they actually are in real life, he is choosing to make up stuff (as has been the case all along with this bloody stadium) to scare the people into something that just isn’t the case.

    I hope like the Draft LTCCP, that this is a Draft of Mr Manning’s submission, there seems to be a bit of re-working to do.

  16. “Ms Butler gave the background of Stop the Stadium’s opposition to the stadium and outlined her concerns about lack of consultation.”

    But if this so called consultation is just wasting time of everyone involved over the working age of 25, then the whole bloody process is a joke. If Mr Mannering’s (sorry I really have to stop saying that), submission is so called community consultation, it says to me that the public have no bloody right making a submission if they (and I have to say this) are seemingly making a false representation to the council. They are deliberately misusing the council’s time and wasting the resources of the good people of this city. Hell if it was me (yes I am over 25 and can work in this city) reading that, and I got to that part, it would immediately go in the bin with a big massive stamp of FAIL on it, and not waste any more of the council’s time.

  17. Elizabeth

    ### The Press Last updated 05:00 18/04/2009
    Injunction takes council by surprise
    By Mark Hotton

    Opponents of Dunedin’s $188 million covered sports stadium proposal are heading to the High Court in a move that has caught the city council by surprise.

    Read more

  18. Elizabeth

    Jolyon Manning’s ‘extract’ was provided here without the context of his full argument. I’m comfortable with that.

    Submissions on the Draft LTCCP will be available through DCC in the lead up to the hearings; presumably they will be referenced and compiled this week for general view.

  19. Paul J

    Simon and Garfunkel, had they come here, would have filled the town hall, no more. Hot Chocolate came here a few years ago and there was still spare seats in the Regent. Face it, your giant tomato house (perhaps you could use Jumbo to water them, except that he’s grey, not white) would be lucky to be filled to max once or twice a year. Which is why it boils down to rugby. The other uses ‘to keep it being used’ are negligible and well catered for by what we have already.
    Let’s hope Bev sticking a huge spanner will jam the clandestine, ignorant undemocratic works time enough to let the proper process take its course, otherwise this place is getting like Fiji.

  20. Richard

    “An associate expects the council will go into the closed session of tomorrow’s meeting with their dander up and – having heard from their lawyers – emerge in a rather more sober mood ” – Elizabeth.

    Your associate has a great imagination, or drinks cheap wine! I’ve never seen “the council” (I assume it should read “councillors”) go into a meeting with “their dander up” on any issue and I do not expect that to change tomorrow.

  21. Richard

    “Looks like there’s no report on the proposed venues company available for tomorrow’s meeting. Who knew?”

    Well, with respect, councillors do. Today’s extraordinary meeting relates to the construction of the proposed stadium, nothing else.

    The extent of the role of the proposed venues company – and its structure etc – will be determined by whether the stadium proceeds or not. Approval for further detailed work on it by management was authorised by Finance and Strategy some months ago and I anticipate a report back within the next two months.

    An interesting day beckons!

  22. Richard

    In short, no point in getting ahead of ourselves!

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