NEW Yankee Stadium

### NBC Sports updated 8:58am. ET April 16, 2009
$1.5 billion Yankee Stadium formally opens

NEW YORK – The last time Yankee Stadium opened, Babe Ruth starred and the ballpark quickly became the house he built. Eighty-six years later, a new Yankee Stadium was ready to make its debut.

“They’ll find a way to get those ghosts over there,” former manager Joe Torre said Wednesday on the eve of the first regular-season game at the grandiose $1.5 billion ballpark.

Appropriately, the first official pitch at America’s most expensive stadium will be thrown by the pitcher with the richest contract, CC Sabathia.

From Sabathia’s fat deal to single-game ticket prices of $2,625, everything about New York’s home opener Thursday says wealth or comfort — or both.

Sunshine was forecast and frail owner George Steinbrenner was expected to be on hand to personally watch New York play Cleveland in the first official game at the house he built.

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### April 3, 2009
Amenities and Expectations at Yankee Stadium Opening

By Tyler Kepner

The tarp came off the Yankee Stadium infield at 6pm on Friday, and a giddy shriek went up from the few fans sitting in the stands. Most of the crowd was exploring and spending, taking in the grandeur of their team’s new palace, away from the early-evening mist.

The Yankees closed the old Stadium — still standing next door, with an oddly blank marquee up top — by failing to make the playoffs for the first time since 1993. While other teams scrimped last winter, the Yankees splurged, dishing the three richest contracts of baseball’s off-season to Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett.

The stately new park is designed to evoke the grandeur of its predecessor, starting with the bronze eagle medallions high above the main entrance. The Yankees’ mandate, then, is unchanged. They expect their home to be booked for October.

“This franchise wants to win,” Jorge Posada said. “We want to win now.”

The team will go about it in extreme comfort. The clubhouse is cavernous, and the fresh start allowed the players to realign their lockers, which sit beneath a replica of the famous facade, back-lit in blue.

[Derek Jeter] “It’s just huge…I mean, it’s got everything you could think of. I don’t know what else you’d put in a stadium.”

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