Government Funding Secured

Silencing those who have claimed all manner of conspiracy theories (and this didn’t surprise us) it was announced yesterday that the Government’s funding contribution is a NO STRINGS attached capital investment.

This of course is a good thing unless you are MtM (Mad to Madder – Butler and Witherow). The Government is doing what it should have been doing all along, financing massive infrastructure developments which will have a positive effect in the regions.

I have always thought from the start that this money should have come earlier and in greater amounts, but then $15m is no small amount and will go a long way to Gold lining Farry’s corporate box, or that’s what the MtM conspiracy theorists will have you believe.

I’m guessing it doesn’t hurt having so many elected National MPs more or less based in and around Dunedin and Otago. Well done to Mayor Chin and Chairperson Collins for their ‘secret squirrel’ letter(s) to the government asking for funding, all those conspiracy letters to the editor and cries of resignation amounted to more fantasy and shrieking from the MtM circus. Well done to the CST for their continual hard work.


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One response to “Government Funding Secured

  1. Elizabeth

    This sum ($15M) completely pales against Dave Cull’s splendid opinion piece today in which we glimpse (completely aghast) the extent of Council fudging on the extent of debt compiling for the stadium project, at enormous potential cost to ratepayers and citizens alike.

    Then we read about poor Mr Guest (councillor)… Link
    And yesterday in Public Notices, ODT Apr 15, 2009 (page 40).

    Thankfully our other pro-stadium councillors are not afflicted with the same ego or needing this sort of redemption at all in the public eye.

    Glad tidings! Chin has provided a letter of support (was that as a councillor, mayor, friend or retired lawyer – or all four) to see Guest back into the land of lush lawyering.

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