D Scene: 'Silent ones' + 'No done deal'

### D Scene 15-4-09 (page 3)
Silent ones
By Ryan Keen

ONE of the more disquieting features of the debate about the controversial megabucks roofed stadium is that many business people in this town are timid about displaying any public opposition to it – for fear of the consequences.

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### D Scene 15-4-09 (page 8)
‘No done deal’ – Butler
By Michelle Sutton

Last-minute moves are being played out by both sides of the Otago stadium debate as a key decision on construction looms.
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One response to “D Scene: 'Silent ones' + 'No done deal'

  1. Elizabeth

    Do we believe Mr Butler…

    ### Stop The Stadium website Wednesday, 15 April 2009 10:31 PM
    Comment by Peter Attwooll on Silent ones

    This is really interesting because, like D Scene, STS have been contacted by prominent businessmen too scared to speak up because they fear retribution from the council. One can understand this- to a point. However people are starting to speak up.By not doing so we ALL suffer in the long run when Dunedin faces an inevitable decline because it is being choked by serious financial mismanagement. There are people out there who can speak up like those who spoke at the public meeting. A concerted, organised ‘coalition of the willing’ could do wonders. ‘Unity is strength’-something often forgotten in these times. We know, on good authority, the Town Hall meeting really worried the perpetrators of this scandalous project despite their public face where Malcolm Farry stupidly claims that those who were not there supported the stadium! This is desperate talk from him. A good sign.

    Wait a minute. Hasn’t StS committee had innumerable bust ups, we’re talking from ‘woe’ to go. Maybe we’ll look up the meaning of unity, might’ve got it wrong.

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