Otago Farmers Market organisers respond

### ODT Online Sat, 11 Apr 2009
‘No plan’ to shift Farmers Market to stadium

By Chris Morris

Organisers of the Otago Farmers Market say they are “disappointed” at a suggestion by the Carisbrook Stadium Trust (CST) they are considering a move to the planned $198 million Otago Stadium.

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See earlier post Build it, we’ll come: gonna cost you and associated comments about the Otago Farmers Market.


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9 responses to “Otago Farmers Market organisers respond

  1. Elizabeth

    Mr Paul Crack, Chairman of the OFM Trust, has been with the market in various critical roles since very early in its planning through to the present day operations. He of all people knows the business workings of the market intimately and has made diligent reply through the newspaper.

    Wider picture: why would any established business put everything at risk by moving to the stadium – or its car park – when the stadium business is itself completely unproven and looking increasingly non viable in the projections.

    Did CST hope to cash on on the market’s ‘vitality’ and power as a destination, and or reap the considerable benefits (free of charge) from the market’s positive PR and marketing. Don’t answer that.

    Would CST prefer to set up its own farmers market in direct competition…if it can’t run a stadium successfully, could it run a market. I’ve always said that while the Otago Farmers Market is deceptively ‘gypsy’ in appearance of a Saturday (ie colourful and temporary), it’s a sophisticated business enterprise based on one of the most simple centuries-old trading models available.

    The Otago Farmers Market hums! As ‘the place’, the market facilitates returns to a good number of small businesses for their independent development – it’s its own business incubator, thank you very much. Does the market need the stadium like the stadium needs it. NO.

    Maybe in future if the stadium proves against all odds to be a roaring commercial success, on its own account, the OFM Trust doing the diligence it’s good for might review its stance on location. But that’s a long road to travel for any satisfaction or synergy with the stadium.


    Sounds a lot like the circumstances in which CST’s mouthpiece has ‘boosted’ the idea of the University’s role in the stadium development. Ask: is this real.

    The university has successfully gained more land, and a plan change for making use of it; and a safer campus area through potential re-routing of traffic out of Anzac Avenue – although the use of Frederick St as a feeder route creates other safety issues for the campus.

    If CST keeps doing the hollow thing it will come back to haunt. Sounding desperate won’t see the public climb on board.

  2. Elizabeth

    OK. ODT has set a poll on the subject, let’s go with that flow and see what the result is.

    ### ODT Online Mon, 13 Apr 2009
    Poll: Would the planned new stadium be a good fit for the Otago Farmers Market?

    Yes/No/Not sure Link


    Mr Farry & CST: think you can muscle in on the Otago Farmers Market, forget it. On this matter, you’re acting as a bunch of cynical, low down warped individuals.

    And ODT, do you go down to the Meridian shopping mall or George St and ask all the retailers there if they would rather be somewhere else and why. Shame on ODT management and reporter Debbie Porteous for stirring things up in a private business realm. Crap behaviour, ODT.

    ### ODT Online Mon, 13 Apr 2009
    Feelings mixed over mooted market move
    By Debbie Porteous

    Reaction at the Otago Farmers Market in Dunedin on Saturday to the suggestion the market might be moved to the site of a new stadium in Awatea St ranged from “appalling” to “it would be a good move”.

    Read more

  3. KGB

    Elizabeth said
    Mr Farry & CST: think you can muscle in on the Otago Farmers Market, forget it. On this matter, you’re acting as a bunch of cynical, low down warped individuals
    Mr Farry will want to take the credit for establishing a new Otago Farmer’s Market next.He’ll keep pushing his way into everything,walking over everyone until he gets what he wants.But he won’t be content until Dunedin is renamed Farryville

  4. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Tue, 14/04/2009 – 1:40am.
    Comment by Paul Roth on Pretty expensive Farmers Market

  5. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Tue, 14/04/2009 – 8:31am.
    Comment by LukeReid on 6500 people?

  6. economicus111

    Just one a different topic, Why is the Famers market closed to some new people trying to get a foothold??

    And should the DCC, not a private trust, run the market and open it to every one peoducing stuff in Otago..

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