Hmmm, squander social housing for new stadium?

### ODT Fri, 10 Apr 2009
Concern at housing cutback plans

By Bruce Munro

A city council plan to get rid of its annual $1 million social housing building budget has concerned social service groups.

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Public submissions on the LTCCP close on Wednesday 15 April at 5pm. Go to Draft Community Plan.

City Council community development team leader Rebecca Parata said the public would have two opportunities to make submissions on the proposal, during the draft LTCCP consultation period and when the draft Social Housing Strategy was released for consultation in July.

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3 responses to “Hmmm, squander social housing for new stadium?

  1. And the only person to equate this money to Stadium is some moaning bugger in the comments section.

    Money could have come out of the poo pipe development. I mean after all several dozen grommits concerns over thousands of sports fans or the poor housing concerns?

  2. Richard

    “Think you’re mistaken, Paul – wasn’t it Mayor Chin’s letter to the government offering up our social housing as the jollies to part-fund the stadium.”

    No, it didn’t.

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