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### D Scene 8-4-09 page 3
There’s time
By Ryan Keen

Let’s face it – the only reason Dunedin city councillors and Mayor Chin don’t want a referendum on whether the public should fund the planned megabucks stadium is they’re afraid of the result.

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### D Scene 8-4-09 page 9
Scrutiny of stadium contract clauses
By Michelle Sutton

A recommendation on the fixed price construction contract to build planned $200 million Otago Stadium is being thrashed out behind closed doors over the next week or two.
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5 responses to “D Scene says

  1. ah the D-Scene, or the new ‘Truth’ on the block.

    Ryan Keen is so poorly informed that the only reason they carry on this rubbish reporting/editorial stuff is to increase circulation.

    As Cr Aklin has clearly pointed out, and as any sane or reasonably intelligent person would know, the public are now no longer informed. The public is now so poorly informed, confused and well to be frank sorely unable to make a reasoned decision.

    The D-Scene has been partly responsible for this mess. Instead of seeking out professionals to collaborate some of the misinformation out there, they went ahead and published anyway, regardless of the validity of the material.

    Citizens Referenda only work if there is a fair and balanced information campaign in which both sides are voiced clearly, the crap discredited, then and only then are the people able to make informed decisions.

    Ah then dear old Michelle Sutton pinning her hopes on Parliament’s Hall Monitor Rodney Hide

  2. David

    Hows this for facts.

    Peter Chin says there is $24 million in private funding from memberships, corporate suites and club memberships.

    CST says there are
    9 corporate boxes @45,000/yr = 405,000
    703 memberships @$1500yr = 1,054,500
    6 club memberships at a nax of $15000/yr = 90,000
    i.e. $1.5m per year.

    In other words, this won’t even cover the interest on the $27m bridging loan, let alone contribute anything to the capital costs.

    And don’t forget, $700,000 per year from this goes back to the ORFU in ticket rebates, and it’s also counted a second time in the running costs for the stadium.

  3. Elizabeth

    Explosive facts David, suggest ODT hears this. Contact David Loughrey or Chris Morris.

  4. David

    If you take all the memberships total of $1.5 million per year, take off $700,000 per year ticket rebates, and take $1.8m per year for interest on the bridging loan, then the private sector memberships are making a contribution of NEGATIVE $1 million per year to the stadium.

  5. Anne Elliot

    Have you taken into account the 5-yr memberships that are counted as 10-yr memberships?

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