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I note with somewhat sadness that Elizabeth managed to put such a negative spin in the story in the ODT today.

How can two of the biggest other sporting codes in NZ showing interest (and not just lip service) in playing games in Dunedin be anything but a good thing? I note that they currently don’t play here now, nor have they said that they will play at the decrepit Carisbrook.

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It of course is only a start too. Yes Elizabeth build it and they will come, and yes it will cost us. It costs every other stadium to host these guys, why should Dunedin be a ‘special’ case and expect to get it free? They have laid out how much it will cost and what numbers are expected to break even, they have indicated that they wish to come to town, the rest is up to the company that will run the stadium.

And yes they bloody well will come. The Mad Butcher and Radio Sport will talk about Dunedin stadium all week, there will be people coming from all over the country. My mother who is a mad mad Warriors fan was so excited this morning she rang to see if the stadium was being built for sure. She can’t get to Auckland to see The Warriors, but she sure as heck will make her way down here for the game.

Funny though, like the poo on the beach (yes that again Elizabeth), the water treatment upgrade projects, and almost countless other concerns posed by those opposing the stadium, the question has been asked who and what will be in the stadium, and like we have been saying all along, look what could go in there if you ask and seek.

“The two teams were among a list of clubs and organisations to respond to a letter from the trust seeking expressions of interest for the stadium”

Oh and BTW seems that it wasn’t just the Phoenix and Warriors expressing interest.


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StS committee changes

Stop The Stadium’s website confirms the organising committee has made more changes to its line up.

President: Bev Butler
Vice President: Dave Witherow
Media Contact: Bev Butler
Treasurer: Pat Johnston
Secretary: Peter Attwooll
Volunteer Coordinator: Carol Sawyer
Committee Member: Kerrie Waterworth
Webmaster: Richard Mitchell
Assistant Webmaster: To be confirmed

Quite a turnover since the inaugural committee meeting in June 2008, not dissimilar to the action of a wringer washer.

Recent resignations: Jean Harris (past membership secretary) and John Harris (past treasurer).

New additions: journalist Kerrie Waterworth and conference management specialist Pat Johnston.

StS Link

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Local businessman opposes stadium

### ODT Online Tue, 7 Apr 2009
Opinion: Stadium decision will haunt city

By Mark Laughton

Previously a fence-sitter over the Awatea St stadium issue, Mark Laughton changed his mind after attending the town hall meeting called by opponents of the project.

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April 20 stacked to hell

### ODT Online Tue, 7 Apr 2009
Stadium: councillors get final say
By David Loughrey
Dunedin city councillors have been assured no contract will be signed with main stadium contractor Hawkins Construction until the matter goes to a vote on April 20.
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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

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Build it, we'll come: gonna cost you

### ODT Online Tue, 7 Apr 2009
Warriors, Phoenix express interest in using stadium

By Chris Morris

The New Zealand Warriors and the Wellington Phoenix have sent signed expressions of interest to the Carisbrook Stadium Trust, confirming their keenness to stage matches at the $198 million Otago stadium, if it goes ahead.

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The lengths he’ll go to…


In the same news item, Mr Farry said there were also plans for a regular farmers market to be held at the stadium, although it was not known if the city’s existing Saturday morning farmers market would relocate from the Dunedin Railway Station.

“I have had some receptive talks with them. That’s all I can say at this stage,” he said.


I can’t speak for the current OFM Trust but…

Submitted by ej kerr at ODT Online Sat, 04/04/2009 – 12:12am.
Otago Farmers Market at Railway Station

I’ll stick my oar in as one of the originators and founding trustees of the Otago Farmers Market.
If mikenette thinks the proposed stadium is an appropriate place for re-siting the market he/she is meddling amateurishly and unhelpfully with the aims of the highly successful private business governed by a private charitable trust, the revenues of the participating vendors, and what I would credit as the ethical and moral beliefs of many of the loyal shoppers.
I doubt if Mikenette has much inkling of how the business model works peculiar to the current site, the customer base and the general catchment.
The market – at the present location, relying on return customers who shop there for “essentials” – has been recognised as one of New Zealand’s best by leading chefs, food writers, photographers and tourism specialists, amongst others, and by a swathe of international visitors.
We collectively worked very hard to research this business and to implement its set up and continuance. The vendors have been phenomenal in their support and development since.
Why is it people from the pro stadium lobby, and some pushing the harbourside vision of “caféville”, see the Otago Farmers Market as their own and transportable. The market is not the fall guy to bring “life and vitality” to their forlorn, poorly explained projects.
Elizabeth Kerr


UPDATE See post Otago Farmers Market organisers respond and news item at ODT Online.


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Next local body elections: no-one's safe.

It’s not like we want to wreck your plans with a referendum, Mr Chin.
Yeah right.

### ODT Online Tue, 7 Apr 2009
Not enough time to hold referendum – mayor

By Chris Morris

Dunedin Mayor Peter Chin yesterday dismissed calls for a city-wide referendum to decide the fate of the planned Awatea St stadium.

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Comment by Paul Roth at ODT Online Mon, 06/04/2009 – 11:12pm.
No referendum needed

“One hundred and fifty people attend a meeting and that makes the front page. The ODT is getting soft. Since when did meetings of that size get a full front page photo and associated story?”

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Comment by Roller at ODT Online Tue, 07/04/2009 – 9:21am.
Dunedin’s disgrace

Thank you, Mayor Chin for not surprising us. You have been in denial about the existence of any opposition to this profligate project and closed in your mind to any possibility of abandoning it for so long – why would you change?

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