Citywide referendum called for

### ODT Online Poll Mon, 6 Apr 2009
Should there be a referendum to decide the fate of the stadium?
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### ODT Online Mon, 6 Apr 2009
Demands for Dunedin stadium vote

By Chris Morris

There were calls for a city-wide referendum to decide the fate of the planned Otago Stadium after howls of protest were directed at the project during a public meeting in Port Chalmers, Dunedin, last night.

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### ODT Online Mon, 6 Apr 2009
Faith in council well down: survey

By Mark Price

Public confidence in the Dunedin City Council’s decision-making ability has fallen sharply in the latest quality of life survey, and the proposed Awatea St stadium appears to have been a factor.

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4 responses to “Citywide referendum called for

  1. If you didn’t get the council you wanted at the last election do not demand extra democracy now.

    For once and for all, all of the councillors positions on the stadium were well known in advance of the last election. I voted accordingly, so did the people.

    BTW public referenda aren’t binding, will the wording be as neutral (excuse me while I laugh) as the last poll, and it will achieve what exactly? I will tell you, more avenues for the StS to continue to publish lies and rubbish about the stadium, and for the public to believe it.

  2. David

    The Pro Stadium lobby are scared of a referendum. They come up with 100 reasons why there shouldn’t be one, yet try to claim to be the “silent majority”.

    Even the DCCs own blatantly biased survey (where three times more men were surveyed than women), came out with a majority of ratepayers against public funding of the stadium.

  3. But what will it achieve.

    If the people are making decisions based upon lies (see the latest StS newsletter – inferior materials etc, the continual belief in sea level rising) what are they saying?

    Take the last march. There were the surfing crowd asking the DCC to “clean it’s shit up first”. FFS what are you meant to do with that. Are they Tommy Surfers – Deaf, Dumb and Blind, what is that bloody great long pier building a pipeline to make the beaches clean all about. Then there was the save F&P crowd? Really it’s council’s role to save failing business?

    I’m not scared of a referendum at all, I’m mortally horrified at the people formulating so called opinions upon lies and misinformation.

    Survey’s aren’t 100% fool proof. I know 2 people who voted against the stadium in last poll just because they don’t like Mayor Chin, that’s not a vote against the stadium is it. They are neutral on the stadium, but thought it was a great way to have a dig at the mayor.

    Then what will it achieve? More people standing up saying told you so, but told you so what. Told you that sea level is rising, that there is poo on the beach, that terrorists like it, that there is a no risk rates revolt.

    Come on get real, polls tell us nothing. You know who the real silent majority are, the thousands of people who really don’t give a toss about the stadium. I mean really, how many people live in Port Chalmers – Dunedin and how many turned up to a public open forum 150?

    Tell me what will be achieved by a so called public referendum? IF you could wipe the lies and misinformation of the last 18months away, and there was no chance that people wouldn’t vote against it because they didn’t like the mayor, what really would be the point?

  4. Elizabeth

    ODT Editor Murray Kirkness on Channel 9 news tonight said tomorrow’s paper will carry Council reaction to the call for a referendum.

    If there’s any shillyshallying about the cost of holding a citywide referendum on the stadium, don’t forget CST appears to have had an open cheque book to do stadium feasibility, and is “managing” to get through a few $million (understatement).

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