Too useless: Hide

### ODT Online Sat, 4 Apr 2009
Hide says ‘It won’t be quick’

By David Loughrey

Local Government Minister Rodney Hide’s visit to Dunedin to consider the stadium issue is not expected to happen in the short term. A spokesman for Mr Hide said yesterday a date had yet to be decided, and the minister had a full diary for the time being.

The spokesman said the minister was “flat out” dealing with issues in Auckland.

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Isn’t Mayor Chin in Auckland?


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7 responses to “Too useless: Hide

  1. Peter

    With Cabinet agreeing in principle to underwrite private sector funding, it’s difficult to see how Hide can do anything without getting majorly offside with the hand that feeds him in the Beehive. I wouldn’t expect any significant help from ACT in its capacity as a coalition partner.

  2. Not unless he’s allowed to do some chest beating over this. Funny Parliament’s Hall Monitor has effectively been gagged by bedding with the Nats.

    I have no time for a single thing that man stands for.

  3. Elizabeth

    ### Sunday Star Times Live Last updated 05:00 05/04/2009
    Rates relief could be on way for households
    By Esther Harward and Catherine Woulfe

    Relief could be in sight for homeowners struggling to pay their rising rates, if new laws to cap bills are approved by parliament. And insiders say the new rules could mean councils will have to hold a referendum whenever they want to increase rates beyond the level of inflation.

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  4. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Tue, 7 Apr 2009
    Editorial: Local body rates

    It is manifest that local taxes cannot continue to expand ahead of inflation in the way they have nationally during the past decade, too often on frills and superfluities, without urgent attention to how local governance is to be paid for; but if a debate is to be held let it be about facts, rather than fancies.

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  5. David

    Elizabeth – perhaps Mr Hide could investigate the DCC handing over ratepayers cash to the ORFU.

    Of course this is not done overtly – it is done via city company Delta, in sponsorship, corporate box rental etc.

    What on earth would a monopoly lines company get from sponsoring rugby? (or sponsoring anything)

    It sounds much more like a scam to transfer ratepayers money to the ORFU. Hmmm – that sounds familiar.

  6. Elizabeth

    David, suggest you ask Cr Dave Cull if he would be willing to raise this with Rodney Hide.

    I see Cr Bill Acklin has an opinion piece on the stadium in tomorrow’s ODT. Eeek.

    This is the guy who tried to convince the Council to undertake feasibility for excavating under the Town Hall to provide more (venue and other) space, despite being warned of the substantial risk that would likely entail for budgets to redevelop the Dunedin Centre inside the existing building envelope. He lost, soundly.

    Also in ODT tomorrow:
    Mayor Peter Chin will provide answers to the series of questions put to him following the public meeting at the Dunedin Town Hall.

    On Channel 9 news tonight, ODT’s Phil Somerville said it’s interesting what Mr Chin says and doesn’t say.

    I have a building sense of dread that fair minded Dunedin people against the project will be insulted all over again.

    Hasn’t that been the pattern so far: why fix something that ain’t broke is a phrase (or near to) that Mr Chin has posed in another context recently.

    Mr Chin, the stadium project is BROKE and we want it BURIED ONCE AND FOR ALL.

  7. I do like the fact that central govt radical underfunding of local govt compared to the level of regulation that it entrusted upon local bodies.

    It is well known that Central govt divulged (and quite possibly rightly too) massive responsibility to local government, but it failed to fund this new responsibility. How is local govt to provide these statutory services and roles, by raising income, which in most cases is rates.

    It bugs the heck out of me people who moan about council’s putting up rates blah blah blah, take a look around, Dunedin 2008 is vastly different for the good than Dunedin 1995. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, because all failed free market models don’t account for local bodies meeting the needs of it’s people. And who are the anti-stadium people pinning their hopes on, only the devil. Hide will strip all that is good about local government given half the chance. Just look at what he has achieved in Auckland. What is the point of a Royal Commission if his ideas run roughshod over them. Seriously no Maori representation in the biggest Polynesian city in the world – direct representation of 1:63,000.

    Just ask yourself what will be the pay off for having the Hall Monitor come to town and dance all over our council. I’d say bye bye City Forests etc – because after all Council has no place in running a business eh.

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