Cr Andrew Noone fronting at Port Chalmers tomorrow


Where: Port Chalmers Town Hall
When: Sunday 5 April, starts 5pm

Port Chalmers will hold its own Stadium meeting to discuss the community’s concerns on the issue. Organised by residents Tenoch King and Anne Marie Parsons. Cr Noone has consistently voted to support the stadium.


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3 responses to “Cr Andrew Noone fronting at Port Chalmers tomorrow

  1. Elizabeth

    It was always going to be a tough job for one pro stadium councillor at a ‘town hall’ public meeting. Cr Andrew Noone has more skills than most to bring to a hard meeting, especially where the majority attending oppose the stadium. The odds were stacked. Cr Noone showed integrity and patience throughout. He doesn’t ruffle easily.

    Questions from the floor were generally the sort raised elsewhere. There was an expectation in many minds that the Councillor should listen to the people, his constituents. This flavour led the audience to ask (several times) at what point would Cr Noone vote against the project.

    He replied, as when first asked by Neale MacMillan, that he would do so if the guaranteed maximum price (GMP) came in one dollar over the $165M touted.

    It was unclear what the GMP contained or excluded.

    Towards the end of the meeting the audience unanimously approved a resolution, that a referendum should be held on the stadium.

    The wording of the resolution rests with Steve Walker, Deputy Chair of the Chalmers Community Board. Hopefully, the media representatives in attendance will run the text in Monday’s newspaper.

  2. Richard

    “It was unclear what the GMP contained or excluded.”

    Well when the CONTRACT comes to Council we will all know. The only thing we have had before us so far – despite the best efforts of D-SCENE to represent it as otherwise, was an OFFER!

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