Mayoral answers, one day

### ODT Apr 3, 2009 (In brief, page 3)
Stadium answers soon

Dunedin Mayor Peter Chin has undertaken to fully answer a series of questions about the stadium.

The questions and answers, relating to issues including private sector funding, a guaranteed maximum price, agreements with the Otago Rugby Football Union and the University of Otago, were to have been published tomorrow, but Mr Chin said he would be out of Dunedin on council business, and could not “do them justice” until after that.

The Otago Daily Times will publish his response next week.


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3 responses to “Mayoral answers, one day

  1. David

    I believe the mayor will say whatever it takes to take the pressure off.

    In the great orange box fiasco, he told the city the council had conducted a full review into the resource consent process.

    At the same time the DCC, answering official requests from the Ministry for the Environment, admitted no review had taken place.

    Requests for the review under the Official Information Act were initially ignored by the DCC.

    When the pressure went on, with threats to take the issue to the Ombudsman, the DCC claimed the whole review had been undertaken “verbally” in its entirety, so they didn’t have a single piece of paper backing their “review”..

    At this stage I already had a copy of the correspondence from the DCC to the Ministry for the Environment saying there never was any review, so I knew they were being totally dishonest.

    If they’ll lie like that over the orange box, I’m sure they’ll go a lot further over the stadium to cover their backs.

  2. KGB

    Peter Chin is out of town probably consulting his lawyers on what he should say

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