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"People: work very hard NOW"


YOU SHOULD – everybody for or against the stadium – LOBBY HARD by going public at every opportunity there is to tell DCC, ORC, CST and (maybe) those in central government about the benefits or non benefits of the Otago stadium project.

Some of you are very vocal, you’re writing lots of letters, speaking to lots of people and working on other strategies in the greater city, continuously so. Thank you. Your energy is remarkable.

MORE WORK TO DO, because the stadium project is still fluid.

How does the stadium project affect you and the people you know or have responsibility for?

Your arguments should not be based on HOT AIR. Your arguments should be well stated: plainly stated and based on FACT or LACK OF FACT you have discovered about the project. Either way you will help to show what the exact status of the project is in your local community.

Do you feel you have been consulted properly on the stadium project?

If you haven’t stopped reading this, SAY WHY the stadium project will or won’t work practically, economically and or socially for the city.


Special note to those against the stadium:
A rates revolt is possibly too slow and too late to make a difference to what will unfold at DCC before and after Easter 2009.

REPEAT QUESTION: StS are you heading to judicial review. If we ask often enough it could happen, right?


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Mayoral answers, one day

### ODT Apr 3, 2009 (In brief, page 3)
Stadium answers soon

Dunedin Mayor Peter Chin has undertaken to fully answer a series of questions about the stadium.

The questions and answers, relating to issues including private sector funding, a guaranteed maximum price, agreements with the Otago Rugby Football Union and the University of Otago, were to have been published tomorrow, but Mr Chin said he would be out of Dunedin on council business, and could not “do them justice” until after that.

The Otago Daily Times will publish his response next week.


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