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D Scene has its turn

Late news, sorry – no delivery of the free community paper to my inner city place of residence (again). In yesterday’s D Scene there is a splurge about the public meeting. Did try to find online version to link to but accessing the Fairfax-owned paper is quite obscure.

UPDATE – Peter says:
“Digital editions of D Scene and the Taieri Herald are available for free at http://fairfaxmedia.newspaperdirect.com/
You will need to register at the site but that’s all …”
Use the left sidebar to sign up. This time it let me register, gremlins on holiday.

### D Scene 1-4-09 Front page:
The crowd goes wild. Stedman’s stadium salvo to councillors: “Take a deep breath, step back, listen to your community. Stop listening to each other. The dismissive arrogance is breathtaking.”

Set against a photo of Mr Stedman at the mike.

Quite good. We then turn to page 4:
What the speakers said

GERRY ECKHOFF, Otago Regional councillor:
“Will produce not one dollar of worth. Make no mistake – the stadium is being built to replace Carisbrook so you have a world-class facility for the Rugby World Cup. It’s not multi-purpose, it’s to provide a facility for the New Zealand Rugby Union to satisfy international pay-masters. The consultative process was a sham.”

ALISTAIR BROAD, Dunedin businessman:
“Guaranteed maximum price contract – it’s fixed price with areas where the price can fluctuate. There’s huge potential for variability – foundations, cost of steel, delays due to weather. A stadium is not a way of making money – it’s a way of spending money. Even if built for nothing, it would still run at a loss. That loss will be real and borne by the ratepayers. If the stadium was ever a good idea, it’s not now.”

SUKHI TURNER, former Dunedin mayor:
“Grossly naive view that this bit of concrete and plastic will fix the survival of Dunedin for good. Dunedin does not need a $200 million roofed temple to rugby to survive. It took 10 years between 1995 and 2005 for $100 million to be spent on a city water upgrade. Now they’re prepared to spend that on not only a non-essential project but one that will drain the pockets of citizens for decades.”

MICHAEL STEDMAN, Natural History NZ boss:
Lambasted DCC, ORC for “condescending” treatment of “real concerns of the citizenry”, took issue with opponents being called “Luddites, whingers”. “As someone opposed to this folly I deeply resent those labels and dismissive arrogance of the councils. This is not a time to take huge risks, saddling the community with a huge amount of debt based on very questionable assumptions.”

ROB HAMLIN, Otago University lecturer:
“I believe it will cost $400 million. I would be very surprised if this stadium stays to cost given the environment we’re in.”

DAVID CULL, Dunedin City councillor:
Cull noted cost savings had reduced the stadium’s flexibility to cater for events outside rugby. It would also lower the standard of finish so “while initial costs are lower, long-term maintenance costs are higher”. He was concerned by council’s “cavalier” treatment of the community, and embarrassed that assurances weren’t honoured. “Via submissions send the council a message it cannot mistake.”


D Scene’s on the button. At page 5 it styles a text box containing the two resolutions unanimously approved at the meeting:

1. Accept local Government Minister Rodney Hide’s offer and invite him to Dunedin to examine the DCC/ORC processes surrounding the stadium.

2. Request city council makes no binding contract for stadium construction until after public has opportunity to submit on draft annual plan.

The main item on page 5 contains the clever shot from Dunedin property lawyer Hilary Calvert, that councillors could be sued.
[Bravo Hilary, we thought so too.]

### D Scene 1-4-09 (page 5)

‘Doom’ day extension
By Michelle Sutton and Ryan Keen

Dunedin is doomed if the controversial stadium “folly” is the best local authorities can come up with, a city-based heavyhitter warns.
{story continues}


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Stadium: Public Meeting, Port Chalmers Town Hall – Sunday 5 April, 5pm

### ODT Online Thu, 2 Apr 2009
Stadium meeting for Port Chalmers

By David Loughrey

Port Chalmers will have its own Dunedin Stadium meeting this Sunday, and the area’s city council representative, Cr Andrew Noone, has agreed to attend and explain his position on the project.

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StS call for resignation not helpful

### ODT Online Thu, 2 Apr 2009
Harland defends briefing to lawyers about stadium

By David Loughrey

Dunedin City Council chief executive Jim Harland says the council’s lawyers were fully briefed on changes to the stadium project before they advised that more consultation on the issue was not needed.

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