Town Hall speeches published by StS

UPDATED 3/4/09 11.30pm
STS has published the speech by Michael Stedman, see link below.

STOP THE STADIUM has uploaded to its website speeches made by the following speakers at the public meeting held in the Dunedin Town Hall on Sunday 29 March 2009:

Alistair Broad, Dunedin businessman Link

Gerry Eckhoff, Otago Regional councillor Link

Michael Stedman, CEO Natural History NZ Link

Sukhi Turner, former Mayor of Dunedin Link

Dave Cull, Dunedin City councillor Link

The speech by Rob Hamlin, Otago University Marketing Department is not available.


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5 responses to “Town Hall speeches published by StS

  1. Richard

    I would just like to put on record, that neither of the resolutions “passed” at the Town Hall meeting have been conveyed by the organisers to Council (or Councillors), either formally or informally before Council met on Monday.

  2. Len

    Most grateful to Ch9 for their excellent coverage of the meeting. I was unable to be present on the night so Ch9s efforts were much appreciated.
    Hopefully, someone recorded it onto a disk for Rodney Hide.


  3. Elizabeth

    The link to Michael Stedman’s speech is now available at the updated post: ‘Town Hall speeches published by StS’.

  4. Richard

    I note that Michael Stedman said: “Yesterday, we read about 747’s coming from Shanghai. Yeah right!”

    Well, wrong actually.

    Boeing 777 ER’s? Maybe.

    I am surprised that someone who is a frequent traveller (especially to China) did not recognise a possible error! And perhaps check it out!


    Anyway, for the record. No-one at DIAL including myself have said any such thing.

    Airlines that may require a longer runway to service Dunedin, do not fly 747’s having modern fleets using such aircraft as Airbus 330’s/340’s and Boeing 777 ER (extended range). Modelling of any extension would be done on those and similar aircraft.

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