Mr Hide and public consultation + Saturday ODT

### ODT Online Wed, 1 Apr 2009
Expecting call from minister

By David Loughrey

Dunedin city councillor Dave Cull wants to put his concerns about public consultation on the city’s planned stadium to Local Government Minister Rodney Hide, who signalled this week he was willing to come to Dunedin to look at into the issue.

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One response to “Mr Hide and public consultation + Saturday ODT

  1. Elizabeth

    From the press note to ‘Expecting call from minister’ (ODT 1/4/09) we expected one hell of a lot more of Saturday’s newspaper.

    ODT said: “In Saturday’s Otago Daily Times, some of the major issues raised at last Sunday’s Stop the Stadium meeting will be put to the groups planning the stadium: the Dunedin City Council, the Carisbrook Stadium Trust and others with input into the project. Those issues will include questions about the efficacy of the guaranteed maximum price contract, and what speakers said were changes to the design and specification of the stadium.”

    So the Mayor was out (meeting Rodney Hide in Auckland…). Where are the other commentators for these grand institutions (DCC, CST et al)? Instead, we get dished up the thoughts of builder Russell Lund and an anonymous Dunedin building industry insider.

    This is not to say their opinions don’t count.

    The issues have been deferred for discussion? Why? Surely, you don’t mean Peter Chin is the best and only commentator to validate the exercise.

    We’re waiting ODT. Don’t get put off or tired on us now – this discussion is something that you really can excel at as a newspaper, and must do quickly. Are you talking to the right people?

    Get Bob Jones for comment – he would most likely succeed on the issues where Chin cannot. It’s a matter of quick grasp and analysis.

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