StS rates revolt – the slip

### ODT Online Tue, 31 Mar 2009
Dean takes issue over rates advice

By Mark Price

University of Otago law school dean Prof Mark Henaghan is suggesting words have been attributed to him that he did not say.

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2 responses to “StS rates revolt – the slip

  1. WOW!!!!

    So who’s being less than genuine with the truth now StS?

    See unlike the good ship Titanic, Bev Butler has been hit by they iceberg, but instead of ordering everyone to the lifeboats, she’s ordering the people below decks to test the water.

    From the ODT today;

    “He repeated his conclusion, given to the group in a memo on February 23, which said unpaid rates incurred penalties.

    “If rates remain unpaid four months after the date when they were due, the council can commence legal proceedings for the recovery of unpaid rates.

    “If the council obtains a judgement for unpaid rates, and the judgement is not paid within four months, the council can sell or lease the property to recover the unpaid amount.””

    So this confirms what I though yesterday, that unpaid rates is unpaid rates (not the reality distortion field that surrounds Bev Butler’s views that unpaid rates are fine).

    Bev isn’t swayed with reality though (has she joined you schmucks yet?) “It will be no-risk and low cost”.

    Yeah the sort of low risk investment in Bernie Madoff investment scheme type low risk.

    You bloody fools – a while back I would have said all power to you, go ahead make a joke of things and do it. But this only confirms what is in fact a serious situation, you will eventually loose your house if you follow Bev to her ultimate insane conclusions.

    There is a writing on the wall, and instead of sitting down thinking how the bloody hell am I going to make money out of the 30,000 – 60,000 ultra rich rugby fans in 2011, or can I hire a caravan and sell chips and pies to the 300 or so construction guys, you are thinking, how can I jeopardise my families house for Bev Butler.

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