TV news: Town Hall meeting

UPDATE – We understand Channel 9 will screen its recording of the Stop The Stadium public meeting this Wednesday night and on Sunday. Details to follow. Hope they put it online.

### TVNZ Monday March 30, 2009 Updated 18:37 Published: 8:15AM
Rates withheld in protest over stadium

Nearly 2,000 attended a meeting at the Dunedin Town Hall on Sunday night where the Stop The Stadium group outlined its latest strategy, to withhold the average $66 a year the Dunedin City Council has told ratepayers they will have to pay for the stadium.

Read More Online Here…

Link to video


### Channel 9 Online News March 30, 2009 – 6:16pm
Opponents Of The Proposed Otago Stadium Hold Meeting At Town Hall

Business leaders, academics, City and Regional Councillors, plus a former Mayor made up a panel of six speakers that gave their thoughts on WHY the stadium should NOT go ahead.

Link to video

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