Media coverage Town Hall meeting

### ODT Online Mon, 30 Mar 2009
Stadium rates revolt plan
By David Loughrey and Sarah Harvey
The Dunedin Town Hall echoed to the sound of a clapping and stamping crowd clearly and vociferously opposed to the proposed stadium last night.
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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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8 responses to “Media coverage Town Hall meeting

  1. Elizabeth

    The ODT has given its news of the public meeting prominent attention.

    A ‘theatre reviewer’ might have had more freedom to capture for readers the liveliness of the speakers and their speeches.

    First speaker Alistair Broad, exhibiting his usual astuteness and wry humour, told of his foreboding about the stadium project, but he scaled that up to an eight- or nine-boding…

    For the whole event the punchlines and turns of phrase deserve their own review.

    Alas, I deliberately didn’t take notes or record the proceedings since I was there to take in the pure spectacle and rallying, and to listen hard. It was music.

    PS. I’m not personally in favour of the rates revolt.

    PpS. There was curiously no word last night as to StS (or others’) progress on a judicial review. Is this still processing or a dead duck.

  2. You mean listen to the sound of false drums beating?

  3. Now I’ll need conformation of this, but withholding party of one’s rates, thus incurring a penalty is still defaulting on one’s statutory obligations. Surely in the end, if all unpaid bills remain unpaid, then the same course of redress, including collection costs and bad debt naming apply. Just because you don’t pay part of your bill, doesn’t mean you’ve paid your bill.

    If not, fantastic I’m looking into scaling back my Mortgage.

  4. Elizabeth

    I don’t know how many stadium supporters were there to play bingo, but I think it was so excellent on the whole you too would’ve been caught up in the clear speaking and bon homie.

    Fruitful for keeping these pages atune to the sorts of people opposing the DCC/ORC/CST stadium crusade.

    As Dougal Stevenson observed, the speakers were brave to share the views they did.

    There’s a cost involved socially, politically and business wise for free speech.

    The event was a whole other level reached by StS, maybe because they didn’t speak and maybe because they’re the only club vehicle at the moment, a legal entity for opposing public funding of the stadium, and have stayed true to that despite some rough moments in their past diary.

    I’m happier because other voices are now in play; the interested and concerned public now has an impetus for individual and collective action.

    The speakers, even if we’ve heard them before or in respect of their writings, do not fail in their criticism and genuine belief that the public has not been fully consulted on the cost of the project (they gather the ‘total’ cost is unknown by the councils); and the processes the councils have adopted to make this project happen (no matter what) are seriously flawed.

    I think the actions of the public following the meeting will leave drum beating (hardly subtle) far behind. The range of people there suggests a change of fabric in how the councils will be ‘pressured’ to rethink.

  5. “speakers were brave to share”

    Again, what the hell? There is nothing brave about speaking one’s mind, and even less so if it is about such a topic. To even suggest this, again plays on that whole “Tartan Army” rubbish that we hear time and time again.

    Other voices? Where were these other voices at the start of the process when there was a possibility of stopping the thing. These voices now need to be focused on how the hell can we make this work properly and how can we help home owners who apparently can’t afford $1.27 a week extra on their rates.

  6. Elizabeth

    ODT follows up on the StS Town Hall meeting in Tuesday’s paper. Have to say, lots of material emerged at the event and the front page item today does the broad spectrum without exploring the various perspectives and issues raised. Paul, look out for more to respond to, in your own way…

  7. Elizabeth

    Be generous Paul, it feels good to give those of a different heart some credit for their beliefs and their critiques every now and then. There’s only so much negativity you can stir before it impacts on the self. Don’t fret or give yourself a headache. Smell the roses not the Awatea mudflats.

  8. Elizabeth

    OK. Look, I know you offered to run a mega-presentation by CST at Dunedin, to explain the stadium project. And that was truly generous, sorry about my previous comment.

    In the regions, CST trumped (there’s a word; a name) up to sell the project under their own steam. But I understand why you offered to help, the bigger venue of Carisbrook for the Stadium sound and light show needs some real organisation and handling. The Town Hall isn’t large enough to accommodate all the pro and anti Dunedinites for the circus briefing. Mind you, it has to be squeezed in before Easter and I hear you’re fully booked so unavailable to volunteer. You would’ve been the perfect guy.

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