Before visitors get huffy with some posts, know that the authors are caught in the dire/fun task of bantering on in polar opposite about the very successful public meeting held last night at the Town Hall, which was a series of eloquent speakers presenting on the ensuing debate about the proposed Forsyth Barr Stadium at University Plaza (aka the albatross, silent pebble or heavy anchor).

If you were there it helps.

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  1. They may have been eloquent, they may have been new (well one or two), but where were they when it was really needed – because really genuinely do you think this project will stop now – I don’t.

    Consequences of said people peeping up now = continual dissent, public grumbling and worse still a council elected next year which has not intention in seeing the project (now well under way)through, or in seeing the project being successful. This city will end up with this stunning building, and if the civic officials have nothing but disdain for it (quite possibly elected on single anti-stadium card), with no interest in seeing it run properly – disaster.

    It may have been successful, but what was the outcome, more disinformation (if anyone plays the Poo on the beach card again…) and a resolution which will still see locals incurring bad debt ratings, and praying to the feet of Rodney Hide – oh what bizarre bedfellows one seeks in time of desperation.

    {I think you’re the only one playing that card to death, Paul – Dunedin is keen for the expensive next stage of treatment, but then so is the Environment Court due to its ruling. Dunedin City Council doesn’t know the cost of building the stadium; repeat: Council doesn’t know the cost of building the stadium. But wait, Council does/doesn’t/?? know if the stadium is operationally viable; repeat Council does/doesn’t/?? know if the stadium is operationally viable. Who knew…the majority of Dunedin business people and residents. And PricewaterhouseCoopers – their words: “significant risk”. Written all over it, straight.}

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