Horse's mouth: "Let us not stumble"

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Sent: Thursday, 26 March 2009 7:10 a.m.
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Subject: Reminder: Town Hall Public Meeting 7pm this Sunday. Be there!

Dear STS Members

A reminder to attend the Town Hall meeting on Sunday night.

The reaction of Chin, Farry, and Co to this meeting shows very clearly that the stadium is far from being a done deal. One of our speakers – Environment Southland CEO, Ciaran Keogh – was obliged to withdraw after Dunedin mayor, Peter Chin, contacted Ciaran’s boss in Invercargill. Most of our other speakers have also been pressured to withdraw, although none of them intends to.

That the stadium-pushers have resorted to such coercive tactics demonstrates that, far from being a done deal, the stadium project remains uncertain and, as more negative information surfaces, highly vulnerable.

Now is not the time to be apathetic. The stadium can still be stopped, and the best way to ensure this is to attend the Town Hall meeting.

The DCC and ORC have, so far, ignored every demonstration and public survey showing the clear wishes of Dunedin’s people. Malcolm Farry continuously denigrates the only scientifically-conducted survey so far carried out – which showed almost 80% against the stadium. The ODT has grossly underestimated the number of people at both Stop the Stadium marches, and continues to present an extremely biased picture of the stadium debate. And the Carisbrook Stadium Trust has access to a bottomless purse (of ratepayers money) to broadcast its propaganda.

Despite all this, and the endless ignorance of a majority of our city and regional councillors, there is still no guaranteed maximum price, hardly any private funding, and a troubling host of questions surrounding the feasibility of the project. (No foundations, numerous “escape clauses”, dubious contracts for “products”). This is why the Chin/Farry crowd are so keen to torpedo the public meeting.

It is up to you to defeat their efforts. The meeting will go ahead as planned, with Sukhi Turner, Mike Stedman, Alistair Broad, Rob Hamlin, Gerry Eckhoff, Dougal Stevenson, and Dave Cull giving the lie to the so-called “vision” touted by the snake-oil salesmen behind the stadium.

The DCC – ORC have been able to belittle and set aside all evidence of public opposition so far. They will not be able to ignore a Town Hall full of concerned and responsible citizens, addressed by speakers of such calibre. But the hall must be packed – half-full won’t do.

This may well be the last major effort required of stadium opponents. Let us not stumble at this ultimate test. Tell people about the meeting. Phone around; distribute leaflets, and, above all, be there on Sunday evening for seven o’clock.

Bev Butler, for Stop the Stadium.


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4 responses to “Horse's mouth: "Let us not stumble"

  1. Peter

    Oh please! What a load of old cobblers. The ODT is pro-stadium? It has made plenty of play on the anti-stadium front to sell papers. Moreover, STS can hardly claim lack of coverage with its cronies boring the average citizen senseless in the ODT’s online comments and through inane letters to the editor. Not to mention DScene/Sunday Star Times, which seems in the STS pocket.

    Aside from decrying media bias, what is STS trying to achieve and why does filling the town hall mean diddly squat? Do they think a full Town Hall would dissuade councillors approving the GMP contract on Monday. Given history that would seem an extremely vain hope. Is it more people, more punters to put cash in the kitty for the possible Judicial Review? If the Review’s their intent, just get on with it so there’s some resolution. Do STS actually have a workable plan? I doubt it very much.

  2. Elizabeth

    Media coverage of temperature at the meeting will be interesting. Know Ch 9 (yes, owned by Allied Press – tick for support?) is turning up. SST’s Karen Arnold was in Dunedin looking for business on Tuesday. No doubt StS had her on missions for Sunday’s edition.

    Do we expect a media feast? Will Bev will say anything new, she normally sticks to peer reviews and conspiracy theory in public. We’re told it’s over to the six speakers to do the talking. Not StS!

    (doh, their only plan could be to keep Witherow muzzled)

  3. “One of our speakers – Environment Southland CEO, Ciaran Keogh – was obliged to withdraw after…” it was suggested that a CEO of another region has no place telling us what we can and can’t do. I certainly don’t tell the ARC or Environment Canterbury how to do their job, and he should never have opened his misguided and severely misinformed mouth.

    SHUT UP with the 80% It’s meaningless, it’s hollow. 80% of Kiwis wanted to retain the status quo with the Homosexual Law Reform act. Besides poll the people in 5 years time when this is a bloody success.

    The ODT and every other media organisation including the police did not underestimate the amount of people at the StS march. The simple fact is that more students put Toga’s on and ran up and down George St than turned up for the greatest issue to hit this city ever.

    Looking forward to Rob Hamlin’s Twickenham is a single use stadium. What other gem is he going to come up with – the grass won’t grow, or will his studies show that there will be in fact 1500 seat capacity. And then there will be the proudly un-PC act (excuse the pun).

    Oh Oh Oh , don’t ever dare criticise Karen Arnold, you get the sharp end of the typewriter for suggesting she has things a little askew. What gem will she come up with?

  4. “their only plan could be to keep Witherow muzzled” I wonder if he will actually froth – strange fellow.

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