London 2012 Stadium legacy plan

### Updated: Tuesday February 10, 2009 4:19PM
London 2012 team unveils post-Olympics stadium vision
STRATFORD, England (AP) – The main stadium for the 2012 London Olympics will be used after the games to house a secondary school and stage annual track meets.

The 80,000-capacity stadium will be scaled back to a 25,000-seat venue after the games. Besides the school for about 500 students, it will also house the National Skills Academy for sports and leisure industries and the English Institute of Sport.

The London Development Agency said revenue from the rest of east London’s Olympic Park would subsidise the stadium.

“If you take the stadium as a single standalone project it will not break even or make money, it will require level of public subsidy.”
-Tom Russell, chief of LDA’s Olympic Legacy Directorate

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### February 10, 2009
Holmes calls for post-games legacy
By Helen William, Press Association Olympics Correspondent
Dame Kelly Holmes feels it would be wrong if athletics does not benefit as part of the legacy of the London 2012 stadium.

A six-week local public consultation on the legacy masterplan has now started. The aim is to plan for legacy early and to ensure the Olympic Park is sustainable.

Natural England welcomed plans for the Olympics to regenerate the deprived district including the creation of London’s biggest new park for more than 100 years.

“We believe that green infrastructure is critical to regeneration projects. With green space at its heart, the Olympic legacy plan should set a precedent for future urban regeneration projects across England.”
-Alison Barnes, Natural England’s director for London

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5 responses to “London 2012 Stadium legacy plan

  1. “The post-games facility will house a secondary school for about 500 students, the National Skills Academy for sports and leisure industries and the English Institute of Sport.”

    What a genius idea. I always thought Otago Uni should have investigated an Elite sports academy to be incorporated with the Sports Med and other courses and projects already down here. Who knows they may be working on that already.

  2. Elizabeth

    Quelle surprise. Don’t suppose the recent appointment of Associate Prof Dave Gerrard, associate dean of the Dunedin School of Medicine and associate professor of sports, as the director of development and alumni relations at the University of Otago has anything to do with your idea…

    A respected international sports medicine academic, Prof Gerrard has held a series of medical and managerial appointments at Olympics, including being chef de mission. He was on the medical commission in Beijing.

    Prof Gerrard has been on the university’s staff since 1981. He was physician in charge of student health services for 12 years, before lecturing in sport and exercise medicine and moving back into the medical school role.

    His three-year secondment as university envoy began this year. In reports Prof Gerrard has said it would not be difficult to fulfil the main task of his new role with the University of Otago – promoting the university in this country and internationally.

  3. Elizabeth

    More on London 2012 Legacy Plan:

    After the Games the Olympic Park will be transformed into the largest urban park created in Europe for more than 150 years.

    The world-class sports facilities will be adapted for use by sports clubs and the local community as well as elite athletes. New playing fields sitting alongside these facilities will be adapted for community use.

    The Olympic Village, where athletes and officials will stay during the Games, will be converted into homes, many available for key workers such as teachers and nurses.

    Together with the new homes in the Olympic Village, there will be further housing built with the Olympic Park site after the Games, creating a total of over 9,000 new homes. Riverside housing, shops, restaurants and cafes will provide new amenities for the local community.

    A range of transport improvements serving the Park are already under way, including an extension to the Docklands Light Railway, increased capacity on the Jubilee Line and the upgrade of Stratford Regional Station.

    Link to London 2012

  4. Quelle surprise – I had no idea, I’m just a tuned-in, in-the-moment kinda guy, finger on the pulse, why use one cliche when two in the bush is better….

  5. Elizabeth

    Then there was Eion Edgar, not forgetting he is the Queenstown-based president of the New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC) and…

    Queenstown is about to host “160 of the most powerful people in Olympic sports – including former Olympic athletes – next week, when the Oceania National Olympic Committee (ONOC) holds its annual meeting in the resort”.

    This was “the second time the meeting had been held in New Zealand and was ‘a big deal’ for the country and the host town. The meeting, held annually, was an opportunity for ONOC members to discuss advancement for sports, drugs in sports, how poor communities were benefiting from Olympic involvement and different sporting policies…this year’s meeting would be bigger than usual, with the venue for the 2016 Olympic Games being announced in October. Firstly, the president of the IOC [International Olympic Committee, Dr Jacques Rogge] is coming.

    “Dr Rogge, an orthopaedic surgeon by profession, was born in Belgium and is the eighth IOC president. He competed in yachting at the Mexico Olympic Games in 1968, the Munich Olympics in 1972 and at Montreal in 1976. He was also a member of the Belgian national rugby team.

    “It will be Dr Rogge’s second official visit to New Zealand and his trip will also include Wellington meetings with Prime Minister John Key and Minister for Sport and Recreation Murray McCully, Olympians, heads of sport and business leaders.

    “It’s extremely exciting. The four cities – Chicago, Tokyo, Rio and Madrid, which are the official bid cities for the 2016 Olympic Games – are all in town with their representatives presenting to the members of the Oceania Olympic Committee and the IOC.” ODT Link


    Bells are a ringing, Paul. The boys are up to stuff, big picture deals going down. Hot dog! Right on our doorstep.

    Dave Gerrard, Eion Edgar et al…sports, medicine, Olympics, politics and diplomacy mixing in one big Lake Wakatipu cocktail cauldron, muddled with clean air, ‘Remarkable’ scenery, good hotels and top notch wineries. An astute showcase.

    Eion is a trustee of the Carisbrook Stadium Trust too. CST Link

    No surprises here. At all I wouldn’t think. This is the glue going in. Fresh possibilities.

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