Highlanders 'home' to Palmerston North

### ODT Online Wed, 25 Mar 2009
Rugby: 10,000 tipped for Highlanders’ ‘home’ game

By Steve Hepburn

Manawatu rugby officials are confident of attracting a crowd of 10,000 for the “home” match between the Highlanders and Bulls and say Palmerston North people are getting behind the southerners.

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2 responses to “Highlanders 'home' to Palmerston North

  1. Stu Campbell

    Why was Palm North chosen as home venue?
    Good trivia

  2. Richard

    This is something that will develop with rugby as it has with the NRL, e.g. the Bulldogs have played ‘home games’ at Westpac Stadium and, I recall, Christchurch.

    On this one, well, The Highlanders won – and deservedly so – and the franchise got its best gate of the season!

    Should boost interest in the remaining two ‘home games’ at Invercargill (The Reds) and The ‘Brook (The Stormers). Who knows what will happen after that? A semi would do for a start!

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