2011 RWC for Southern parts

### ODT on Fri, 13 Mar 2009
World Cup games boost for South

By Steve Hepburn

The South will host five cup games in 2011, with three of the games to be played in Dunedin and two in Invercargill.

Tourism Dunedin chief executive Hamish Saxton said having five pool games south of the Waitaki was a “wonderful opportunity” for the region to promote all it had to offer.

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In the same column Mr Snedden says “the tournament is not all just about the playing of rugby”. No, this is the “deadline” tournament by which Dunedin pushes the boat out too far with public funding and ‘official debt’, for the Otago stadium project. A more striking marker of the incorrigible would be hard to imagine.

Mayor Chin rounds out with “Now that we know the matches we are going to get . . . it is all looking very positive now.” For whom? Please see beyond the end of your own nose, Sir.


The matches are confirmed
‘gplusa’ to ODT Online Fri, 13/03/2009 – 8:03am:
“Well, isn’t that just brilliant news ? And we get them [the pool games] without having to have built a new stadium. Straight from the Rugby Union mouth. Thanks, Martin Snedden, you just got Dunedin out of a mountain of trouble.” Full comment

Wry, frightening thought:
$66 million
‘caz’ to ODT Online Fri, 13/03/2009 – 3:48pm:
“It will only cost the ratepayers $66 million per game”


### Yahoo!Xtra Sport – Neil Reid March 13, 2009, 10:03 am
Roofed stadium still in World Cup mix
Full link

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