Wrong demographic?

“It is smiles all round in Highlanders country.
The rugby team scored a gritty 6-0 victory over last year’s champions, the Crusaders, rockers Shihad kept a packed terrace entertained and, importantly, spectators turned up in good numbers.

Though the exact crowd number would not be known until today, estimates put it at between 12,000 and 13,000.”

Murray Stott and others have time and time again told us that Dunedin has the wrong Demographic to hold concerts at the stadium.

I’ve always argued that I find this exceedingly hard to believe considering that there are some 22,000 students in the city, and 3/4 of the population of the South Island is within 3-4hr drive from us.

Now they would be the first to agree (although not happy about it) but Shihad are not the powerhouse of NZ rock that they used to be, so I was pleasantly happy to see the massive crowd at the game and concert afterwards.

There would have been people there who couldn’t give a toss about Shihad and possibly likewise people there who weren’t really into Rugby, but the bright spark that thought of having the band play after the game (with a longer set of hits etc) instead of before the game, deserves a medal and illustrates the whole basic argument I hold for this stadium – if people think outside of the box this has a potential to be a massive success.

The moans about the crowd at the first game were a little disingenuous, in that there was about 3-4 other sporting and cultural events on in town that weekend, it is well acknowledged that people are annoyed at how early the Rugby Season starts, quite simply it was still summer, people are into summer sports. I love rugby, but I don’t go to early season games, it’s Cricket, Softball and other sports time in the sun, not rugby.

So well done everyone for turning up to the game/concert, lets see what other thinking outside the box they can come up with next – and no Pipe Bands is not a plausible suggestion.

Full ODT Article here:

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