Support Highlanders or lose them, Reid

### ODT Fri, 6 Mar 2009

By Steve Hepburn

Highlanders chief executive Richard Reid says people in the South need to realise there is a risk they may lose the Highlanders.

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So it is too risky to build the stadium

ODT Online comment by dunedinBlogAl on Fri, 06/03/2009 – 9:12am.

If there is a risk that Dunedin may lose the Highlanders, then it is too risky to build the new Stadium. The financial viability of the Stadium relies on large crowds at rugby. But projected crowds are based on those during the golden years of Otago Rugby in the 1990’s. Otago Rugby has now lost its fan base. The fundamental problem expressed by Richard Reid is the same as that expressed by opponents of the Stadium: Dunedin just does not have a big enough population base to support it. It is notable that Richard Reid has waited until the decision has been made to proceed with the Stadium, before expressing these views. Over the last couple of years, Otago Rugby has been very quiet about the crowd numbers at Carisbrook.

Losing the Highlanders franchise

ODT Online comment by bensan on Fri, 06/03/2009 – 9:35am.

As Peter Chin pointed out on TV some time ago, it would make the Stadium more marginal.
There is a complete denial of this statement in the Council since not one member has taken any notice of Peter Chin’s statement.
Do they really know what they are doing, taking this project on when there is so little interest in the Highlanders? The winning streak of this team is not exactly well known and to be frank, having this group of dubious rugby players as a draw card for the stadium is to say the least, being extremely optimistic.


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2 responses to “Support Highlanders or lose them, Reid

  1. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Sat, 07/03/2009 – 8:51am.
    Comment by Leroy44 on Sky – afternoon Rugby

  2. There is an argument for games to be delayed or not shown at all in areas where the event is on, this is what Cricket in Australia does (and the crowds are magnificent). However since the games are on Sky, and not everyone is on Sky this argument is slightly mitigated by the fact that people currently aren’t watching on TV and still not going to the games.

    There is also an argument for the NZRFU to make the economic provisions of the various franchises more equitable, how many All Blacks does the Highlanders currently contract?

    The Super 14 and the NZRFU are a completely false economy, with player placements over ruled by the NZRFU. If it was a truly open franchise an ‘owner’ could be found with pockets or ability to call on money to allow teams to buy players. With the smallest population base to call upon, the successful teams of the initial super years were built on the back of the old amateur days.

    A very old adage in sports supporter numbers, success breeds success. The Highlanders only need one half decent winning season to attract good players and in turn crowds.

    The last thing NZ rugby needs is for only 1 franchise team in the South Island and another bloody North Island team.

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