Latest Funding Fight

blah blah blah,

more money raised, more from Bev and of course more rubbish in the ODT comments section.

However my eye’s were a little amazed to see such an Intelligent and Eloquent person such as Cr Michael Deaker state

” he would ignore the idea the project had been given “some kind of permission” from the Crown.

Any thought of “putting a plastic roof” on another rugby field was “absolutely, definitely not a prudent financial decision”, no matter who gave permission”

Come on Michael, this might be an expression of your exasperation with this project, but you of all people know that this is not a ‘plastic roof’ and just another ‘rugby field’.

Anything that Cr Gerry Eckhoff has to say needs to be tempered with the fact that his baggage predetermines any sanity coming from his mouth – conservative libertarian rural gentry.

And of course Bev Butler…

Come on Michael, you are an exceedingly well versed and researched person, please don’t play these sound bite games with the public, it’s not helping anyone.

Full ODT link here


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