Govt move sways vote on stadium

Use of the word underwriting is interesting.

### ODT Wed, 4 Mar 2009

By Rebecca Fox and Mark Price

The Otago Stadium project got a $52.5 million shot in the arm yesterday after an 11th-hour decision by the Government.

• How they voted

In favour: Stephen Cairns, Crs Doug Brown, Duncan Butcher, Sam Neill, Gretchen Robertson, Stephen Woodhead.
Against: Crs Michael Deaker, Gerry Eckhoff, Bryan Scott, David Shepherd.
Absent: Cr Louise Croot.

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6 responses to “Govt move sways vote on stadium

  1. KGB

    It amazes me how much this Govt is prepared to waste ratepayer’s money on one man’s foolish dream.
    Next week this same Govt will be telling us that have made cuts to superannuation.

  2. KGB, if you think that $15m is going to make an ounce of difference to the public coffers or will somehow be an opportunity cost to superannuation, then please do some reading of the sums involved and realise that this simply isn’t the case.

    Ideological Dogma is behind ACC and Super changes not the global economic conditions.

  3. Elizabeth

    On Channel 9 News tonight, ODT’s Simon Cunliffe said tomorrow’s newspaper has a story about the government’s $15M underwrite of the stadium, the process will become “a little clearer”.

    Another item concerns Dunedin Airport’s international status…[or how Air New Zealand can wipe that]. Bloody hell.

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