StS appeal 'lost in post'

### ODT Fri, 27 Feb 2009
Land rezone appeal appears lost in post
By Mark Price

An appeal against the Dunedin City Council’s plan to rezone land in Awatea St for a new stadium appears to have been lost in the post.

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4 responses to “StS appeal 'lost in post'

  1. Elizabeth

    Rather unfortunate. No-one enjoys loss of mail, and certainly not loss of registered mail. If anyone finds a stray StS envelope, be sure to get in touch with Ms Butler…

  2. Elizabeth

    Today, submitters on Plan Change 8 – Stadium received copies by post of StS’s appeal. Some ‘envelopes’ managed to get through.

  3. Well if you turn on the only ones in your organisation that knows anything about this and don’t use any paid experts, it was more or less expected that this would happen.

    More people put a toga on and descend on the Octagon than the StS can muster, now they can’t even get their post in order. How’s Bev’s rates revolt going, joined her minions yet? Or rather watch them go down with the ship.

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