Stadium through back door

### ODT Online Mon, 23 Feb 2009
By Jolyon Manning

Jolyon Manning is deeply disturbed by the possible reckless commitment of major optional capital projects currently envisaged for implementation by the Otago Regional Council.

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2 responses to “Stadium through back door

  1. “unholy alliance of aggressive chairpersons and chief executives”

    In recent weeks it is evident to all a change in tone in the debate over the stadium.

    Bev Butler has gone from a ‘moral’ campaign through to outright civil disobedience. The comments of Calvin Oaten and Russell demonstrate an arrogance and lack of respect, and in this piece there is a suggestion ofsome sort of pact with Lucifer?

    In the light of the reprisals and hideous actions of some with the bust up of the StS, coupled with the recent change in tone, I hold little hope for reputations coming through this in tact.

    Desperate emotive language is becoming the weapon of choice when tired argument has been exhausted.

  2. Calvin Oaten

    Paul, you are absolutely right about the tired argument being exhausted.

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