Remember this…

Rare Once in a Lifetime Gift for Future Generations

A world class, fully enclosed, boutique stadium is the vision we are asking the region to embrace. Of all of the options this has the highest price tag, but it is also the best long-term and fiscally robust option.

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7 responses to “Remember this…

  1. Elizabeth

    We did write SO MANY MANY INDIVIDUAL letters to the editor, messages to councillors, emails, blogs, annual plan submissions et al – but we also SAID, REPEATEDLY to elected representatives they would be wrong to pursue this project as we saw the costs mounting and mounting for ratepayers and residents.

    Hear no evil see no evil, said councillors to us – well didn’t they. A stadium is gospel. Even if it’s only to ‘prop’ up the grey ghost of rugby. A clincher.

    And we don’t believe them. How bloody ephemeral.

    SO MANY of us appear to have got it wrong in expecting not a stadium – MUCH MORE than a stadium, all the other things that cumulatively give us HEART (not cracked ribs or massive bruising) as a place, things prescriptive and probably cheaper for Dunedin’s sustainable, healthy future.

  2. I’m loving the sound of this, where can I sign up, mmm boutique stadiums.

  3. Elizabeth

    Dictionary: bou·tique (bū-tēk’)
    i A small retail shop that specialises in gifts, fashionable clothes, accessories, or food, for example.
    ii A small shop located within a large department store or supermarket.
    2. A small business offering specialised products and services: an investment boutique; a health-care boutique.

    [French, from Old French botique, small shop, from Old Provençal botica, from Latin apothēca, storehouse. See apothecary.]


    Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms: boutique

    small, specialised brokerage firm that deals with a limited clientèle and offers a limited product line. A highly regarded securities analyst may form a research boutique, which clients use as a resource for buying and selling certain stocks. A boutique is the opposite of a financial supermarket, which offers a wide variety of services to a wide variety of clients.

    Dictionary of Banking Terms: boutique

    popular name for a bank-owned company or holding company affiliate that acts as an investment advisor for pension funds and other institutional investors. In the securities industry, the term refers more generally to investment bankers specialising in serving a particular segment of the industry, e.g., mergers and acquisitions, money management for institutional clients, and so on.

    Dictionary of Business Terms: boutique

    small, specialised shop that deals with a limited clientèle and offers a limited product line. A boutique is the opposite of a department store, supermarket, or warehouse club that offers a wide array of products or services. Also, by extension, a small, specialised brokerage firm as contrasted to a financial supermarket.

  4. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online>Comments

    New use for stadium
    Missy222 on Wed, 25/02/2009 – 1:45pm.
    New use for proposed stadium…orientation events for the university students! One entire week of drinking and destruction. Lock them all in for the entire time and if they want to behave like animals let them go to it; out of sight and out of mind! I’m sure Dunedin is delighted that the stadium will attract 500-1000 more of them! They were still urinating in public view this morning! Show close up stills of the students concerned NZ wide and let their parents see what little darlings they have raised! Do we really need this?


    Choice made
    farsighted on Wed, 25/02/2009 – 7:30am.
    Well, the”lifeblood” of the city was certainly coursing through George St last night and I don’t think many people would agree that it brought “students to the heart of Dunedin in a positive way”.
    Appears they took the “way of riots and disorder” option proposed above.
    So in two days, we see the whole problem in a nutshell – Dunedin’s overdependence on students to keep the city alive and the students collective attitude of not giving a rat’s arse for the place.
    What a great way to build a future.


    Famous last words
    ej kerr on Wed, 25/02/2009 – 3:03am.
    ODT’s more recent news column, ‘Toga parade leads to destruction’, puts the editorial meanderings on student behaviour into the pale.
    Why give students a city welcome or any news coverage at all during Orientation? Don’t play up to their civil unrest and disgusting criminal behaviour. The most useful thing newspaper photographers can do now is give their photos to NZ Police and let the arrests and charges begin.

  5. good ole Missy222 confusing issues once again.

    Funny though, 2000 pissed students (predominately freshers) were motivated enough to raise more public notice than the StS march could with it’s 800-1200.

    They StS could have waited a few weeks and offered free beer to students to join the march, would have looked a lot less than a wet blanket of a march (perhaps a wet toga though?)

  6. Elizabeth

    Keep telling you Paul, StS not that strategic…

    Will need their act together for E-Court. If they haven’t done their preparation and homework (plenty of strategy and learning) it will COST. Dearly.

  7. Paul J

    Boutique? Well, i’ve heard it compared to the Sydney Opera house, etc, but the delusions seem to know no bounds, rose tinted glasses and some stiff overproof must have been needed to glass the ugly box as such! I wonder what this person classes the huge orange, similarly vapid box down Andy Bay Road as? The Taj Mahal?

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