Protest can sometimes be cool

Considering the failed attempt at humour with the Yeah Right rip-off, this one is at least pleasing on the eye, if not diputs yddolb. But then I love political protest and street art. I hope this was deliberate, if not they don’t know how cool they are.




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2 responses to “Protest can sometimes be cool

  1. Haha nice. Enjoyed seeing it in ODT. Good on them for some kind of discussion about graffiti, beyond the tired moralising one.

    Is this an example of how local messages can kind of become really obscure? Like, an in-joke about an in-joke? (or, just a really stoned ex art school student not realising his/her genius?)

  2. Call it the Claret red, but I just keep seeing

    “On Muscat”, and a Australian De Bartoli Muscat is in the liquor cabinet, and with weather like this, mmm…. catch you later.

    It’s pretty bloody genius isn’t it.

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