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Poor Crowd Indeed

In response to Sam, his poor sources and his stereotypes.

without wanting to disappoint you, I am very much not a”Rugby Union Type”, my first love is Football – the beautiful game – the worlds game, my second love is that most English of games with whites and a little shiny red ball, my third sport would be Baseball, fourth Ice Hockey, fifth American Football then Rugby and Darts more or less equal. Dang where does F1 fit in there?

But once again stereotypical assumptions are very easy to create when debating this stadium project. Imagine my disappointment when I saw the design of the stadium that didn’t include cricket. Continue reading


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NZHPT calls for Carisbrook debate

### ODT Online Thu, 19 Feb
Call for debate on Carisbrook plan
By Hamish McNeilly
The House of Pain could provide pleasure for generations to come, says the New Zealand Historic Places Trust, which is calling for a debate on the future of Carisbrook. With the new stadium seemingly a fait accompli, subject to conditions, and the Otago Rugby Football Union indicating it would sell the ground to the Dunedin City Council, it was time for a public discussion on the ground’s fate, NZHPT Otago-Southland manager Owen Graham said.
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