ODT remiss

Off to CHCH last weekend, the silly move was to take an ODT with me, because what was in the paper but yet another “concerned of Corstorphine” letter, completely ill-informed and not serving any purpose.

I’m sure the author may have some concerns about the site etc, but considering all of these issues have been argued over and over, with the irrational fears and some time genuine concerns put at ease.

Like all major construction projects there has been geotechnical reports etc done about the site. There is no “who knows what they will find when they start digging”, they know what they will find. Yes the site is reclaimed land, but in modern construction that isn’t an issue. Much of Dunedin is built on reclaimed land, the majority of downtown Wellington in built on reclaimed land. The most luxurious hotel in the world is built on reclaimed land in the middle of the Gulf, one of the most incredible airport constructions was built in the middle of a harbour – totally raised from the sea.

I fail to see what the ODT is doing in continually publishing these letters. I do however have a theory. It’s not about democracy, because the issues have been, or are being fought out. For me, it’s a little like the Bush Administration. Keep the people at a heightened state of annoyance and they will believe any rubbish that is fed to them. The ODT does not need to publish every single piece of rubbish it gets. There are NO concerns about the geophysical stability of the foundations of the stadium, so there simply was no need to publish that letter, except to keep a heightened level of disquiet in the general populous.

The ODT needs to learn that there is a responsibility in running a newspaper, and allowing the irrational fears of people to be aired in such a manner is not a public service. That letter voicing concerns is about as valid as someone writing in to proclaim the sky is falling.


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