Silence! Ticket prices for RWC 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011 will be held across New Zealand over a six-week period in September and October 2011. Twenty countries will participate in the 48-game tournament. Ticket prices for the tournament remain a closely guarded secret but will be based on international prices.

Sunday Star-Times Link
NZ Herald link


He had earlier claimed ticket prices for the knockout games would be “in excess of anything seen in New Zealand before”, similar to those when France hosted the Cup in 2007, where the final sold for 200 to 600 euros ($490 to $1470).

RNZ 2011 is due to name the pool match venues in March 2009, with a shortlist of team base options confirmed by June 2009.


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2 responses to “Silence! Ticket prices for RWC 2011

  1. Sam The Dog

    “based on international prices” = “far too expensive for the bread and butter punter who just wants to watch some good sport”

    Sadly, this sums up rugby union in the professional era.

  2. But just the reality of sport in a professional era.

    Those who want to go to these sorts of games will prioritise their money, and if they think they will struggle to find the money they have a little over 2 years in which to do so.

    The average price for a modest ticket to the Premier League in the UK is roughly $90-$100NZD. Thank god I don’t live any where near there as I would be skint.

    However week in and week out, the average punter goes to these games in the hundreds of thousands.

    When I went to the Ice Hockey in Vancouver, a good but not premium ticket cost me $110 dollars, and they sell out more or less every game.

    The baseball I’ve been to cost $85, and that was for a very average ticket.

    The true cost/profit of the RWC2011 is not the $30m that it will cost the Rugby Union, but the 60,000+ visitors and the several billion dollars of extra income for the country, estimated in the PWC study into the benefits for the country.

    BTW, the NZRFU along with the IRB sets these prices, not the company running the stadium. This is true for NZRFU games, but for most other events it will be the stadium company that will set the prices.

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