Another Myth debunked

For more than 100 years Tomahawk beach was often contaminated by sewage, but the Dunedin City Council says the inner city beach that was blighted by an ancient sewage system is now clean.
“It is the first time in 100 years that’s the case,” Tahuna outfall project manager Brian Turner said yesterday.

Since the Tahuna outfall pipe was commissioned on January 23, the council had tested water from between Second beach, near the St Clair pool, and Smaills beach.

“To date, it indicates [all] the beaches are safe to swim,” Mr Turner said.

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So to the surf dudes protesting about cleaning up the beaches, does this satisfy ya? Poor Bev one less opportunity cost to cling on to. Mind you I don’t think she cares for rational debate any more these days.

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  1. Richard

    I am young enough to remember when Tomahawk Beach was closed in the mid-40’s when raw sewage, toilet paper and certain unmentionables (but not in the variety one gets today) washed up on it. The opening of the new treatment plant at Tahuna (30 years ago) and its updating changed that. In fact from a design point-of-view, it looked so good in those days that several people thought it was a motel and tried to book in! True!

    Now we are one further giant step on the way to resolving the problem for once and all and without doing the ‘Rolls Royuce’ solution that some would have, regardless of debt, of course). (Except if the Southland Current brings nasties from down that way to our beaches – refer ‘City Talk’ June 2007).

    Pardon this wee personal ‘walk’ but when I was appointed to the former Dunedin Drainage & Sewage Board by the St Kilda Borough in 1965, I recall quite vividly the launch of radio transmitters on floats to monitor currents. Now we are nearing the finish of the project albeit one that expanded with the creation of the new city and its wider metropolitan urban catchment in 1989.

    Appropriate too, I guess, that I wore “the chains” of office when the 20 year upgrade was finally set in motion (pun NOT intended) in 1991!

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