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Bev Butler to ORC Public Forum

“A psychologist once said to me that all people intrinsically know the difference between right and wrong. I believe that today you should be making a conscience vote.

“June last year when the ORC voted for the project, those who voted against the stadium made informed speeches with good arguments based on the facts at your disposal. It was blatantly obvious that the arguments for the stadium were in fact weak and after the meeting one of you even admitted to those who voted against the stadium that their arguments were far stronger. Why then did the majority vote for the stadium when the evidence was so overwhelming to stop the stadium in its tracks?”

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Another Myth debunked

For more than 100 years Tomahawk beach was often contaminated by sewage, but the Dunedin City Council says the inner city beach that was blighted by an ancient sewage system is now clean.
“It is the first time in 100 years that’s the case,” Tahuna outfall project manager Brian Turner said yesterday.

Since the Tahuna outfall pipe was commissioned on January 23, the council had tested water from between Second beach, near the St Clair pool, and Smaills beach.

“To date, it indicates [all] the beaches are safe to swim,” Mr Turner said.

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So to the surf dudes protesting about cleaning up the beaches, does this satisfy ya? Poor Bev one less opportunity cost to cling on to. Mind you I don’t think she cares for rational debate any more these days.

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DCC, and the right to ask?

***Anonymous source.

Did the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) come under budget?
NO. There was an agreed design in December 2008. Since then a significant amount of redesign was needed to get an acceptable GMP and then it will have increased maintenance costs and less attractive appearance. In fact the turf savings could make the use even more limited.

Did the project come in at $188 million?
NO. It is at least $198 million and potential for other costs to add substantially to that amount. Dunedin City Council has committed to at least $104.4 million, including the $3 million Otago Community Trust shortfall, but a further $15 million shortfall from private funding, maximum $14 million shortfall for SH88 and long term costs of Carisbrook all possible inflators.

Did Carisbrook Stadium Trust (CST) raise 60% of the private funding?
NO. They needed to raise $27.3 million. They have sold seats for 5 year terms and accounted for them as 10 year terms. This inflates the figures by $3.25 million at least. And then there is the unfettered ability of those that had previously purchased 10 year seats to reduce to 5 year contracts with a risk/liability of a further $1.75 million. That is a further shortfall of $5 million. They haven’t even reached 50%. Moreover that funding requirement was based on the first year payment being in 2009/10. That has now been pushed back to 2011/12 so there is more bridging finance not accounted for by the private sector.

Has the agreement with the University of Otago made a substantial reduction in the land acquisition costs?

Has Dunedin City Council found $20 million to reduce the ratepayers’ contribution/liability?
NO. It added that to other over-costs and has taken the short term opportunity of low interest rates to sell the idea that it won’t cost any more than what was calculated last year.

Did Otago Community Trust give $10 million?
NO. They have a shortfall of $3 million or 30% funding.

Has the Dunedin City Council been honest and open with you?

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I guess we should have seen this coming really

“Councillors shaken by hate mail”

Police investigation has begun after Michael Guest and Fliss Butcher yesterday received threatening and pornographic material, which the two Dunedin city councillors say is from anti-stadium campaigners.

Crs Guest and Butcher both contacted Dunedin police after the anonymous material arrived in letter boxes at their home addresses.

Cr Guest last night said the envelope that arrived at his home contained a blank sheet of paper with a photograph attached showing a high-powered rifle complete with telescopic scope “and a silencer”…

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Oe Angry MoFo

I’m sorry, this is not how you behave in any meeting. Wow there is a lot of anger there.

Stop the Stadium president Bev Butler distanced her organisation from the material last night, saying her organising committee’s six members “don’t have time” for such a campaign and she knew “nothing at all” about it.

While not condoning the tactics, she believed they showed how “very angry” people were at the stadium project.

“This all happens spontaneously when you have got so many people upset. Expect more and more of this to happen,” she said.

This is not how sane and rational people behave. If you are not outright condemning such behaviour you are giving tacit approval, and while there are a lot of angry and less rational people on both sides of the debate, tacit approval is all they need to continue such disturbing behaviour.

I really do think that Bev thinks she running some sort of moral crusade now.

But considering the way they dealt with their own within the StS over disagreements, it is no surprise (although completely regrettable and abhorrent) that this is how others are dealt with.

It is actually time that we stop the StS, because this is just getting out of hand, and those playing the moral card are in very real danger of simply going too far. Democracy does not come at the end of a fist or through angry words, only violence and hatred comes from that.

{update: Channel 9 Dunedin has an article on this matter}


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