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Tight, very tight

ORC funding for the Forsyth Barr Stadium at University Plaza is conditional on assurances of a $15 million contribution from Government, or other sources, by the close of business on 2 March 2009.

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Civil resistance, how?

As reported by NewstalkZB (link) this afternoon:

Stop the Stadium president Bev Butler says the council support is not surprising and simply confirms democracy in Dunedin is practically extinct. She says they have no choice but to organise a programme of civil resistance.


Gee, Bev looks like a kindly moral person. Best wait for the resistance fighter makeover.


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ORC tick!

ODT Link

(to appease Peter E), if the ODT is correct in it’s interpretation, then the Otago Regional Council has given a tentative tick to fund the $37.5m contribution to the Awatea St Stadium.

This is conditional (more or less like the DCC) that central Government comes to the part with, to quote John Key, ‘modest’ funding. In this case, the ORC has put a figure on it, $15m.

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