Govt Funding – Latest!

“The Government has phoned Dunedin mayor Peter Chin today indicating it is prepared to discuss supporting the proposed new stadium but has warned money for new projects is tight.

Councillors spent the morning in closed session at today’s crunch stadium meeeting.

The meeting took a surprise twist when it finally resumed at 2.40pm, with Mayor Peter Chin revealing details of a phone call he received from Deputy Prime Minister Bill English’s office at the conclusion of the earlier private deliberations.

Mr English’s private secretary was able to confirm that the Cabinet was prepared to discuss issues surrounding pursuing the stadium, but that Government funds were under “heavy demand” and any project would have to stack up against others of similar merit, Mr Chin said.

The cabinet was not prepared to go further at this stage, and the official acknowledged the final decision on whether to build the stadium remained with the council, Mr Chin said.

Mayor Peter Chin gave the public gallery of about 20 people a quick update before the meeting resumed.”

Link ODT

Update: live at meeting. I have no idea what the he’ll is going on, a councilor is supporting the stadium. Questions from Mayor.

Classic sitting in amongst what is essentially the enemy (Bev’s just had a sly fag).

It’s all very procedural and again I’ll bow to Elizabeth’s knowledge of what was going on etc. Popping in after work unfortunately is doing this a disservice but what can you do.

Not wanting to be rude, this is just an observation, is anyone here under 40?

Am I allowed to take photos?

StS gallery all a tizz over some suggestion that funding comes from holding company loan. This is funny, the gallery is a little angry and the small talk is funny.

What’s with rates rebate suggestion?

Finally got to meet Elizabeth, fantastic. Glad she’s finding this as dry as I am.

Most people have left now they are just talking annual plan. Bev got her time on front of the TV cameras again.

Actually only Elizabeth,Nicola Holman and myself left. Of course Nicola had laptop and will be interesting to read her number crunching.

Cr Guest & Bezet and others all debating funding and annual plans. Bless these people for actually undertaking public office, this is a pretty thankless task.

I’m guessing that some of these Councillors are not on each others Christmas Card lists. Cr Wilson is not a happy chappie.

They’ve moved something and it’s got Cr Wilson angry as heck. This council needs someone with institutional knowledge like Rodney Hide, there’s much confusion as to who what why or how a resolution may or may not have been suggested.



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4 responses to “Govt Funding – Latest!

  1. Peter

    Gutsy decision by the Council to approve funding. It will be interesting to see how the central govt support pans out — how much direct support vs possible indirect support.
    BTW what’s up with the STS site, the server seems to have been down since last night.

  2. Karetai

    I’m not quite sure if you sniff,smoke or inject P,but I’m sure Paul knows.He’s away with the fairies tonight.

  3. Peter

    You’re just too obscure for me Karetai …

  4. what a great song, Verlaine Verlaine Verlaine Verlaine – how wonderfully quintessentially Dunedin.

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