A pleasant afternoon with Council

Quite SPLENDID – couldn’t hear or see everything but I think Councillors were bent on the exercise to slip a “self-congratulatory” expensive project through. Who cares about the cost.* Spend up large.

*Oops. That’s right we don’t know how to pay for it all – or what it will cost to build or operate it. F*** it. Spend up large.

That Horwath HTL and PricewaterhouseCoopers mention significant key risk factors and uncertainty in their reports. “What do they know.” Spend up large.

“This is the most polluted site out.” (Butcher) Fumes from Ravensdown. Site contamination. Got that. Covered! Spend up large.

We don’t want to see Dunedin as “a museum of modern plumbing”. (Walls) Yep. Spend up large.

“We are the sons of the pioneers.” (Collins) Men, rugger men are All. Give them presents. Spend up large.

“It’s affordable.” (Walls) Leave maths out of it. Spend up large.

“Is there a plan B?” (Collins) Forget it. Spend up large.

“I don’t accept private sector funding has been achieved at all.” (Cull) Shut up, shut up Dave. “There’s a real double-negative risk!” What. Don’t worry, son. Spend up, enormously large.

“Is this the right project…to boost the economy?” (Stevenson) Who. “We’re looking in the wrong place.” Who, again? Spend up large.

“Teresa is right. We haven’t been able to find other projects.” (Hudson) Hello Councillor. Seen the LTCCP anywhere. Spend up large.

“It hasn’t got Cr Guest’s wow factor.” (Wilson) Feel guilty later. Just spend up large.

“[Opponents] are guilty of creative negativity!” (Guest) “It will be a wonderful 100-year project.” Quick. Spend up large.

“The timing is all wrong…we’ve got no choice but to say no in the current economic conditions.” (Staynes) On your bike, Chris. Spend up large.

“There’s no right or wrong time to do 100-year assets…my concern is…we should spread the cost of the stadium over a longer period.” (Brown) Say it. No, say it. “Intergenerational equity.” Don’t pay now, pass it on! Spend up large.

“We have the headroom.” (Earth to Bezett) Not denied. Spend up large.

“South of the Waitaki there’s a united front.” (Noone) What. A fire sale. My god. Spend up large.

“We should take $20m out of DCHL.” (Hudson) Know your place, Athol. “Let the directors decide what’s possible.” Spend up large.

[Red Alert] “Patience is running out…” (Chief Executive)

“We’ve accepted more debt, more underwriting.” (Cull) Really mean it, shut up Dave. Or else. Spend up large.

“Crs Staynes, Cull, Wilson…it’s a political hijack.” (Bezett) Listen to us. We know best. Spend up large.

It’s what we do.

[author: Elizabeth]


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2 responses to “A pleasant afternoon with Council

  1. Elizabeth

    In Council debate on 9 February Cr Mike Guest raised the notion, as did Cr Syd Brown, of the proposed stadium being a ‘100-year asset’, glibly reported at my post ‘A pleasant afternoon with Council’.

    A couple of recent posts at the Skyscrapercity blog, by KIWIKAAS and Vilder (page 94, posts #1879 and #1880 respectively), remind me that aside from the incredible cost to ratepayers, yes indeed, all we might be getting is a NEW rugby stadium – because as they say, no-one has actually done the feasibility for a multi-purpose stadium like we were promised. This, the feasibility reports by Horwath HTL and PricewaterhouseCoopers clearly show. How did it turn out so wrong.

    Link to Skyscrapercity: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=382911&page=94

  2. Anonymous

    “It hasn’t got Cr Guest’s wow factor.” (Wilson) … Kate Wilson actually said that? If she meant “wow” as in a euphemism for driving a large bulldozer through an idyllic landscape, then possibly so. Look around and you can still find its tracks. At least now I can sort of understand her part in the “performance appraisal committee”. Although for some reason I keep thinking of it as a stakeholders’ honey-trap.

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