TV3 News summary of impending decision

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One response to “TV3 News summary of impending decision

  1. Elizabeth

    Oh no (underwhelmed) TV3 trotted out Sir Clifford claiming ‘think big’ (again)…’we’ve got to maintain population growth’ (again).

    Providing a roofed stadium does not mean people will be attracted to Dunedin to live.

    What sort of facilities would, besides those we already have?

    Some of the answers lie in delivering a sound mix of smart employment opportunities at Dunedin, made in conjunction with developments in Otago and Southland. With much wider global links and IP export, not forgetting quality produce export at scale from the southern food basket.

    Or was that unused rugby balls free to good homes from the stadium that died.

    The proposed stadium has little look-in to bring the masses permanently. Get over it.

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