Alternative Voices

Today marks a turning point in the stadium debate and in particular this blog. Today marks the first post from an alternative view point. We are luck to have a reasoned and informed commentator from the Anti-Stadium camp, a previous StS committee member, and still fervent opponent to the use of public money for such a development, Elizabeth Kerr.

Finally this blog will be presenting views from both sides of the fence, something that hasn’t been seen in this debate to date. So welcome to Elizabeth Kerr as an Author on this site, I look forward to your knowledge of the procedures and insight into the workings of town planning etc which has been lacking from this site (I’m sure you’re all sick of my stance by now – and I guess it was arrogance that stopped me inviting Elizabeth previously).



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5 responses to “Alternative Voices

  1. Toby

    God please spare us all from Elizabeth’s drivel

  2. Come on Toby, so far the only drivel has been your comment. I might not agree with her, but she is light years apart from the other frothing incoherents opposing the stadium.

    She know’s her stuff and that’s a hell of a lot more than the current StS outfit.

  3. Elizabeth

    Toby – the point of alternative voices could be to start some intolerances or reaction, you didn’t take long!

  4. or even to develop tolerances?

  5. Elizabeth

    Yes, Paul.
    In this part of the world, and mostly on this blog, thankfully, developing tolerances is the acceptable norm of behaviour. ‘Open thread’ has this potential in buckets. Alternative voices has this job and some others where violin threads might break ; )

    I personally support the use of public funding for a stadium (of whatever kind, preferably multi-use) but I jib at the extent proposed for the Forsyth Barr Stadium at the University Plaza.

    When the vision for the stadium took off, it’s fair to say, I don’t think CST itself, or DCC, imagined it would be so difficult to attract private sector funding, well, not at the kind of escalatory expense to residents and ratepayers it has become.

    Where we’ve got to with the proposed stadium is, quite honestly, tragic for all concerned.

    We need NEW development in Dunedin for civic pleasure. Some of this can be adaptive, building within and around some seriously good assets standing. Other, completely new and as inspiring. Design should take the lead.

    I’m pleased to see the Council is preparing an urban design strategy and look forward to associated public consultation.

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