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Open thread

re coming council decision:

Considering the decision Yay or Nay is imminent, I thought it would be good to add an open thread for people to discuss this final (?) stage.

As kindly commented by Elizabeth (whom I am very grateful for adding her procedural knowledge here, and Richard for his council insights);

To view the Council agenda and reports (178 pages in total) go to:


Alternatively, pick up a print copy at 2nd floor Reception, Civic Centre, 50 The Octagon – as a courtesy to Council staff, phone 4774000 and ask for 2nd Floor reception, so to request a copy be put aside for your collection.

The NOR for the harbour arterial link is under appeal. A large property owner.

GMP has come in under budget at $163,156,825 (vs $165,400,000), which includes $25.6m for design costs and $7.7m adjustable. This comes from a white paper distributed by DCC this morning

In the report, Jim Harland outlines two options to Council:
(1) Stall now (spending to 31 Dec was $13 mill), or
(2) delay until government responds to funding request.

There’s an issue with CST’s contracts. 382 signed contracts are 5-year and 230 are 10-year, but there is an option to withdraw after 5 years.

To date, CST has $21.4m with $5.54m pending (all 5-year contracts). They need $27.3m, including sponsorships. Will they get the pending contracts signed by Monday?

{Sorry Elizabeth for shamelessly using your comments to create this tread}

No matter what your view on this development, here’s hoping the councillors (DCC and ORC) are well informed and they make the best decision given the weight of evidence and barriers reached by CST.

You all know my thoughts, and Elizabeth is fervently still holding on to her massive concerns, some are not concerned at all, while others have varying degrees of knowledge and care about the subject.

This thread, knock yourselves out, keep it clean and lets stay on topic about the next stage, other issues can be addressed in other posts.


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