Forsyth Barr Stadium at University Plaza

ODT 30 Jan 2009

The $188 million stadium in Dunedin, if it goes ahead, will be named Forsyth Barr Stadium at University Plaza.

Principals of the Dunedin-based sharebroking and investment company yesterday signed a 10-year agreement with the Carisbrook Stadium Trust for the “head naming rights”.

Neither party would say how much the deal was worth.

Forsyth Barr chairman Eion Edgar would say only that it was a “significant sum”, but was “certainly not” what the trust would have liked “and probably more than we would have liked to pay”.

While the suggested value of the naming rights has not previously been divulged publicly, in December 2007 trust marketing adviser Brian Meredith reported to the Dunedin City Council that head naming rights would equate to up to 22% of the $45.5 million required from private sector funding – a sum equivalent to just over $10 million.

After a signing ceremony for the media yesterday, managing director Neil Paviour-Smith, of Wellington, said the move would give the company profile, “putting our name on an asset that will have some prominence, not just in Dunedin, but throughout New Zealand”.

The company was founded in Dunedin in 1936 and the opening of the stadium would coincide with the company’s 75th anniversary, he said.

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9 responses to “Forsyth Barr Stadium at University Plaza

  1. Karetai

    This sickens me and let me explain why.
    I became opposed to the proposed stadium when I was paying for a flood protection scheme (The Lindsay-Leith)
    The idea of the scheme was to widen and deepen Lindsay Creek to supposedly prevent further flooding (incidentally the last major flood in NEV was in 1929)
    Lindsay Creek could only be widened as far as Chambers Street.From there concrete flood banks were already in place.Which would mean that the larger volume of water going into Lindsay Creek would bank up at Chambers Street resulting in a bottle neck situation,with water banking up and flooding further up NEV.
    Two former ORC engineers spoke out about the dangers of this scheme which they said would result in further flooding and claimed that this scheme was only for beautification purposes.
    Most of the beautification is to be in the University area.
    I was paying $98 a year for this scheme in 2007.The owners of my previous home are now paying $235.God knows what the cost will be this year.
    I had no idea when I started paying for this scheme that a proposed new stadium was on the agenda. I think this council did though.
    The people of NEV have been paying for this proposed new stadium (in the disguise of a flood protection scheme) long before the rest of Dunedin knew anything about it.
    And they will have to pay twice.
    The University are only paying $10 million towards this stadium. And that’s just for one wall.
    It’s not a University plaza.It’s a NEV and Leith Valley plaza.

  2. Karetai, incidentally Awatea St site has never flooded due to global warming, and if NIWA is correct, it won’t within the next 150 years at least.

    Two ORC engineers did, but I have also heard a hell of a lot of other engineers say that this will minimise or mitigate further flooding.

    Tell you what, you go with your conspiracy theories, I’d be lying if I thought it made you feel better, but somethings going on.

    Next you’ll be telling me that the widening of Portobello Road is due to the fact that so many Uni staff live on the Peninsula, or that the Aquarium is part of the University.

    As far as I am concerned, possibly the best Varsity in the country, brings in $1B income to the city each year, within reason, if they say Boo, we say hello what can we do for you – within reason.

  3. Elizabeth

    University of Otago does own the aquarium!

  4. Karetai

    Karetai, incidentally Awatea St site has never flooded due to global warming, and if NIWA is correct, it won’t within the next 150 years at least

    Incidentally I never said that it had or would

  5. Elizabeth, sorry the subtlety of language via bits and bytes, I was being facetious.

    Karetai, ditto. You said “incidentally the last major flood in NEV was in 1929”. Because it was so long ago you are doubting the merits of it. But you are willing for the city to spend money on mitigating the effects of MSL due to anthropocentric global warming, that may or may not happen 90+ years from now. You can’t play the ‘distance is safe’ card with one hand, and the ‘sky is falling’ with the other.

  6. Karetai

    The 1929 flood wasn’t caused by global warning.
    If the ‘experts’ at the ORC are concerned about global warning and if this is the reason for the FPS,then all I can say is,they should have been more concerned about the sites for the stadium and their own office block.

  7. Karetai,

    sorry I’ll leave the wit and irony out of the text.

    You aren’t concerned about the floods because they were so long ago.

    EVEN with the most dire scenario NIWA ISNT predicting flooding for that area, even 90 years from now.

    Get it, if you aren’t concerned about flooding that actually can still happen at any time, don’t begrudge me for not worrying about global warming/sea level rising that simply isn’t going to happen.

    Flooding is a result of very very short time frame weather events, and can happen at any time. To say it hasn’t happened since 1929 is like saying Wellington hasn’t had an earthquake for a long time, we are fine – you’re not. MSL is a result of very very long time frame processes. There will be some very long term rise in Mean Sea Levels in the inner harbour, but not to the magnitude expressed by anti-stadium opponents.

    Yes experts are concerned about Anthropocentric Global Warming and MSL, they should be, but statistically they should be about 0.5% concerned about their choice of locations.

  8. Karetai

    Flooding is a result of very very short time frame weather events, and can happen at any time.

    You are so right.One big storm could result in the whole of South Dunedin being flooded over night.

  9. and with that we are done.

    Once again I bow to the infinite wisdom of the anti-stadium crowd.

    Have fun at the march, take lots of water, I’d hate anyone to froth in this heat and keel over.

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