And they're tuning in

Not that I’m going to be able to tell who exactly will be the 10,000th visitor to the site, and considering this is a daily amount for some of the big sites out there, I’m still very happy that within a week or so, we’ll have hit 10,000 visitors to this site.

Now for some this isn’t a big deal, but with an average of 70 unique visitors a day (not the same people coming back over a day) I’m quite wrapped that in some way I (and everyone here included) have been able to foster debate and understanding of the stadium issue, and from both sides. It’s been very pleasing to see the site go from 1-2 visitors a day (thanks mum), through to the 20-30 middle of last year, and now it’s a very steady average of 70. The record number of unique visitors to the site was July 23, 2008, was there an announcement that day? If the trend keeps going, it will be within a couple of weeks that we might hit 100 unique visitors a day.

{update: Busiest ever day was actually today! As I said, the numbers are not groundbreaking in blog terms, but for this issue, this is great}

We have been pretty well served with three major sites covering this issue, if the people of Dunedin did have access to the web and knew about these sites, then they had every chance of getting a handle on the debate. Sadly the StS site all but grinding to a halt (despite my qualms with Anne as strict web-mistress, bring back Anne), and SkyScraper City doing it’s thing, you can’t say there hasn’t been opportunity to debate the stadium in all it’s glory.

Even if they aren’t commenting, at least they are reading. Here’s hoping others will get involved and add their 2cents worth, because after all the web and the blogosphere is the new “Simple on a Soap Box”

Cheers all, well done democracy.


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