This is going to be fun

31st Jan from 12pm then anywhere down George St.

Be civil, but let the buggers know that they have been duped. Here’s a quick primer for you if anyone tries to tell you a,b and c reasons why the stadium shouldn’t be built.

These have all been used by opponents of the stadium as conclusive reasons as to why we shouldn’t build a stadium. Public health warning, reading this list may cause medical problems as you may split a side laughing too much – I hear it’s painful.

And this is just a small list of the what has been thrown up as conclusive reasons

Capacity = less than 20,000 {WRONG}
Single Use {WRONG}
$500m + {WRONG}
Global Warming = Flooded Area {WRONG}
Terroist Target {Only if they are the most incompetent terrorists in the world and took a wrong turn at ended up in an 80s spoof comedy – WRONG}
The Grass Won’t Grow {WRONG}
The Plastic Won’t Work {WRONG}
The University won’t be involved {WRONG}
Causing Businesses to leave because of bad internet {WRONG}
Temptation will lead students astray {WRONG}
South Dunedin will float away {Cookooo Wrong} No seriously someone said that is sticking by it.
Rugby Tests wont be there {WRONG}
Taking Business Land {WRONG}
Rugby Only {WRONG}
World Recession {WRONG}
Location + Cutting off access to leith {WRONG}
Risk of flooding from Leith {WRONG}
Building will sink from Liquifaction {WRONG}
Safety in a disaster too many people {WRONG and what about current stadiums?}
Carisbrook is ok {WRONG}
Will halt sewage treatment {WRONG}
will halt clean drinking water {WRONG}
It’s an ugly building {WRONG}

So be civil to the poor souls for they know not what they are (not) supporting. Basically they haven’t a clue why they are against the stadium as the list of misinformation, malicious rumours, false and erroneous facts and figures, and fantastical claims is big and growing day by day. Just today I was told that Portobello Road is going to disappear into the water so the council should be spending money raising the road – I know, I did offer a health warning. Nice though eh, it did and still has put a smile on my face, can do with a good giggle from time to time.

I’d like someone, somehow to defend any of these false and malicious claims. The reasoning might be interesting, and give us an insight as to how an opponent of the stadium works.

But get out there, and do your best to counter their arguments, be civil and most of all enjoy your democracy.


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4 responses to “This is going to be fun

  1. Elizabeth

    Have no idea how the smiley face got into my last post, but it’s nicely indicative of my relief in leaving StS behind last year)

  2. Elizabeth

    By which you mean StS has completely gutted its homepage to say:

    When: 12pm on Saturday 31st January
    Where: Assemble outside Dental School then march down George St to the octagon. It is anticipated to be the largest march Dunedin has experienced. Three quarters of Dunedin residents oppose the stadium. Join us and show your opposition to the stadium.”

    BTW, today I (proud NOT to have been an StS member since Nov 2008) had exchange with the new StS webmaster, it went something like this when I asked to have an item posted on the StS website for general reading:

    Subject: RE: ODT opinion piece for StS website
    Hi Elizabeth,
    As previously advised, all website content must be approved by Bev Butler.

    Bev: Are you happy for this article to be put on the website?

    Cheers, RJ

    oh, well thanks for clarifying Richard
    cheers, Elizabeth

    So that was the end of the website activity hitherto known as Stop the Stadium…it’s being run as a dictatorship not as a collegial place for discussion, debate, cooperation and shared momentum. That really helps cement a subscription membership organisation, not. Complete censorship. Civil wars happen….

    Bev has also refused a recent request (in the interests of fairness and balance) to have the SkyscraperCity link reinstated. She got rid of that too.

    The largest March Dunedin has experienced??????? In your dreams.

  3. Elizabeth, I am genuinely sorry for you and Peter what happened at the StS, they have lost any sense of fairness and reality with you guys gone.

    Mind you I did have my moments with Anne too, giggle.

  4. Elizabeth

    This video link is not to scare anyone! Promise.

    Luxury boxes in recession 2:52

    Will companies still cough up for corporate boxes at sports events in these hard times? CNN’s Jim Boulden investigates.

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