ODT summary of the saga

D-Day. Will the Stadium Survive? ODT 8 Jan 2009

David Loughrey of the ODT has written a full page summary of the debate over the possible construction of a new stadium here in Dunedin. Most visiting this blog have a fair idea of the whole funny/nasty/interesting/long/thoughtful debate to date. However if you don’t and want a primer of the issues, this is well worth a read.

After two years and the spending of $45 million of ratepayers’ money, the Otago Stadium issue is still not finally resolved. Dunedin City Council reporter David Loughrey looks back on a year of prolonged and bitter public debate on an issue that will not go away.

The date has yet to be decided, but in early February both the Dunedin city and Otago regional councils will sit – again – to decide whether what is now called the Otago Stadium should either go ahead, or be stopped in its tracks.

Dunedin City Council chief executive Jim Harland says the meeting dates will have to fit in with the councils’ annual plan timetables and, for the city council, its plan has to go to Audit New Zealand by February 11.

The stadium has been through any number of big decisions, lines in the sand and exit points, and – seemingly unstoppable – has always managed to come out the other side.

It now faces its biggest test, with the world financial crisis giving decision-makers some serious jitters.

The full story here.

For me, he hit the nail on the head though with a nice summary of the main issues.

“Issues at the heart of the debate include whether the city can afford to build and then operate such a massive project, what role local authorities have outside providing core services, and whether they should be funding a stadium.”

All of the other red herrings and preposterous claims like global warming flooding, terrorism, elderly housing opportunity costs etc just aren’t part of the discussion.

Worth buying the ODT for this alone, if not, do have a read online.


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